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  1. I Have.....

    I have something for sale which i would like to advertise on this forum iv messaged admin and no reply and i put on here it got removed and wasnt told anything? anyhelp?
  2. R.i.p Zetec S :(

    glad your ok. but next time hit the fox.
  3. Would Be Nice!!!

    would be nice to be told where its been moved too...
  4. Gps Gizmo's And Heated Windscreens

    i have used sat nav a few times and this has never been a prob for me i have a front heated screen in a mk7 fiesta
  5. Bad Brakes

  6. High Fuel Conumption: Something Wrong Here??

    i know each to there own but i wish to god i didnt buy the car lol FAMILY is the only reason :( i watched some videos of my self in old cars and im going back to old e36s.
  7. Picked Up New Car, Have Some Questions.

    I have drove the 1.4 model that you have and that went like **** of a stick buy my driving style is some what not eco over taking was nto a prob when i had the 1.4 model but i did have to drop a gear to keep the revs high, your gear box wont be the most revvy of boxes as u gone for the eco never ever EVER trust a sales men they will tell you any old rubbish to get you name on the .......... line!
  8. Ford Fiesta 1.6 Tdci [95] Econetic

    small single cam engine with a massive turbo bolted on to it in such a small car hope you got deep pockets for when it starts going wrong!
  9. High Fuel Conumption: Something Wrong Here??

    What on earth are you all cutting up your car for lol....... you do know to get affect you are after you have to work two parts so if you have more air flow you need a good cat back exhaust with maybe a sports cat also. your moaning about fuel adding more power will burn more fuel. you have a 1.4 its going to be slow as, live with it or buy a faster car, i have a mk7 1.4 titanium and its also slow as and poor with the engine not being very revvy just live with it and stop chopping up your car!
  10. Welcome to the Ford forums Louis Davey :)