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  1. hi all, i have a mondy 2008 1.8 tdci ghia, can anyone help me with on how to remove the whole radio/cd unit without causing any damage. cheers tony.
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    hello all, can anyone tell me if all ford mondeo mk4 ghias have bluetooth, on the radio/cd head unit i have the symbol for phone in green and red phone symbol in red refering to ending a call, when i press either of the buttons the audio goes to muted display, i have tried to pair my iphone but the phone does not see the unit, i am now wondering if my car has bluetooth at all now, only had car two weeks so still finding my way around it. mk4 mondeo 1.8 diesel ghia 08 plate thanks tony.
  3. Hi, many thanks for the info, unfortunately I could not see fuse relating to hazards, will continue to search elsewhere. Cheers Tony
  4. Hi all, newbie to the site, my front/rear windscreen heaters not working also hazards, when I pressed relavant buttons nothing happens, could it be a fuse problem? If so which fuse box do I go to and what size fuse am I looking for, Mondeo mk4 1.8 ghia diesel 08 plate. I would have referred to Haynes manual but they are not available at the moment, any help would be appreciated Thanks Tony.
  5. Welcome to the Ford forums Tony's mondy :)

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