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  1. Focus Handbrake Adjustment

    Tried that method again but this time i slackened it off completely so there was no pressure on the handbrake at all. Pumped the pedal as stated, put the drum back on, adjusted the slack off the handrake lever and hey presto its holding again!!!! Thanks very much, just gotta source some decent cheap drums now... Next job, front hub replacement.....
  2. Focus Handbrake Adjustment

    I tried that one. It seemed to lock the wheel once but then went back to not holding it again... Thanks...
  3. Focus 02 Handbrake Poor

    Hi All. I have an 1.6, 2002 Focus with rear drums... The problem with it is the handbrake will not hold... I have replaced the shoes, i have even got a spare drum from a dealer to see if that fixed the problem, unfortunately not!!! I have adjusted the 10mm nut so the lever only comes up about 3 or 4 notches but this still has not solved it. One side holds better slightly better than the other. The only thing i have not replaced is the handbrake. I have checked the movement when i pull the lever up and down and it is not seized....Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!!!!!
  4. Focus Handbrake Adjustment

    Hi. I am having the same problem with my 02 1.6 focus. I have replaced the shoes and adjusted as much as I dare but this has not helped the handbrake hold. I have even tried putting another pair of drums on but this to has not helped any??? Any help would be much appreciated...
  5. Welcome to the Ford forums womble 171 :)

    1. womble 171

      womble 171

      Thanks Steve. Just gotta learn how to find my way around a forum now???