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  1. 2003 Onwards Ka Alternator Help!!

    thanks for image but not really any wiser, i have one blue, one black and one yellow cable... yellow is pin strpied other 2 are plain colours know where pin 1 2 and 3 are just the which order im stuck
  2. Just wondering if anyone can help me out, got a 2003 ford ka van and someone has cut the 3 pin plug off and botched all the wiring. When i got it the battery light is always on and when we looked the wires are all hanging off. We got a connector of a transit which fits but the colours are all different... can anyone tell me what colour the following cables are? Pin 1 = Alternator Feedback Pin 2 = Alternator Load Request Pin 3 = Reference Voltage I know which pin is which as plug is marked! just the colours im stuck with!
  3. Hi Ronnie - Just come across your post about remapping your Fiesta, have you had it done yet? I'm interested in getting mine done. Cheers, Mark

  4. Creaking Noise - Mk7

    the problem i had is when they check the steering etc theres no load or strain on the steering so didnt do it! i got mine to do it by parkin on a hill and turning the steering lock to lock! generally does it when the cars been sitting for a while or in the mornings! yeah sounds like a horror movie when the door creeks open! its rubber stretching! begining to look like a problem! my dealership blamed my eibach springs... i think not as they fitted them!!
  5. Pinkys For Sale......

    aberdeen is only 3hrs away bud! been there a few times! i would consider payin ur train fair costs if ur willing to travel.....
  6. Pinkys For Sale......

    car will be on auto trader as of tmw evening at £12495, will let neone on the forum have it for £12250 tho!
  7. Pinkys For Sale......

    Car is now advertised elsewhere as im hoping to get shot by next weekend! anyone intrested pm me!
  8. Pinkys For Sale......

    had a fair bit of intrest but nothing solid... always got the option to sell back to a dealer! they told me a standard titanium books at £11500 so i would get around £12000 as it has a fair bit of kit.. but to be honest id rather see some get in on here than it be sold be a dealer for £13500-14000!!!
  9. Pinkys For Sale......

    thats the problem with private sale etc u cant p/x or get finance :(
  10. Pinkys For Sale......

    never even thought of stickin it on here!! just stuck it on piston heads the other day.... haha u can change ur mind! buy mine instead lol
  11. Which Looks Best ? 3 Or 5 Door Mk7

    nah no £2k scrappage but im selling mine for £12500!! so im geussing thats cheaper than urs is even with scrappage? yeah its a good site! and nah mines is hot magenta lol
  12. Creaking Noise - Mk7

    suppose i can answer this in one go...... as ive had mine fixed already... strut top moutings is what you can hear... its like a rubber streetching noise at low speeds!! mines was done at only 900miles!!! if anyone lives near speed bumps you can prob put it down to them... we now drive over then at 15-20mph instead of the 30 that we used to!! had it on a few of my cars! the problem u have is trying to get it diagnosed as they dont creek all the time!! mini had alot of problems with this issue...
  13. My Mk7 Zetec S Lowered On -35Mm H&r Springs

    nah ur right m8, i thought it was only 10mm diff between titanium and zetec s! but never checked! mines looks pretty similar id say but hard to tell without sitting side by side
  14. Which Looks Best ? 3 Or 5 Door Mk7

    im in the 3 door club aswell!! hmmm you could have bought mine as im selling it!! 3 door with xpack and tech pack and dress kit !!!
  15. My Mk7 Zetec S Lowered On -35Mm H&r Springs

    I went for eibachs on my titanium, they drop them 39mm if i remember correctly altho the zetec s sits 10mm lower than a titanium as standard! reason i went for eibach is aslong as there fitted by dealer ur warrenty aint effected! which is rather handy as my strut tops were replaced due to a fault on them!!