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  1. Alloy Wheel Identification

    they look like a set in halfords but i could be wrong ??
  2. Buckled Wheels

    yeah my fiesta was shocking for buckled wheels i ended up getitng a new set from halfords
  3. Bluetooth Software Update

    talking **
  4. Bluetooth Software Update

    i sorted this you plug the usb into the car and it updates through the radio (hope this wht your taljiung about)
  5. Slow Moving Steeting Noise

    sorry dunno why that typed so small!
  6. Slow Moving Steeting Noise

    maybe a pcm update?
  7. Speed Limit Removal From Pcm?

    yeah how did you get one of those im intreeged also
  8. Fuel Price..

    north east its up to 138.9 for petrol!
  9. Registration Plate

    i like it !!
  10. Hello From Me And My Order...

    hey welcome anyone from newcastle way
  11. Newbie With A Fiesta.... Saying Hello! X

    hey welcome like your car :)
  12. Ford Audio Cable

    thanks a lot
  13. Ford Audio Cable

    any idea where i can get this or who to contact then ? would prefer to attempt myself as arnold clark will take my car off me for a day then end up messing something up thanks
  14. Ford Audio Cable

    Hey how do i get the software up date? does that mean il need to book car in with ford?
  15. Hi just wanted to ask before i book car into ford... do you need a specific audio cable to work the USB feature in a 60plate focus??? i have a ipod and it has a feature on the cd player to play my ipod through the usb, when i plug it in it just makes a noise no music gets played yet the player thinks its playing... (if that makes sense) it charges the ipod but doesnt play songs :S any idea if its a fault with the USB or the fact i need to purchase a cable from ford ?? the aux cable works fine but wanted the other feature to work. any advise be good please thanks