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  1. Happy Birthday parr0t0!

  2. hi i just wanted to know if there is a diffrence betwwen the 100 and 115 tdci i heard its just software changes. ?
  3. parr0t0

    Wont Start, Clicking Noise.

    ok its the batt either dead or completely drained flat but what u wanna watch is for a interment cluster light prob got one on my 03 focus it will flash or stay on draining the batt best bet is to goto a breakers yard and pic up up a batt for it it cost me £18+vat that was 2 months ago and its still going strong plus i run 2 big amps and 2 12"subs just need to sort that interment cluster out now :S ive had mine 4 1/2 years now and its a damn good reliable car only had to fix a handful of probs.. i want to change tho to something diff but i love it to much ...
  4. parr0t0

    Mk1 Focus Exhaust

    reason is its a "company" car :P
  5. parr0t0

    Mk1 Focus Exhaust

    This is a hypothetical question i just want some insight , I have a 1.6 mk 1 focus and i cant have any aftermarket mods that are visible on it , i want the exhaust to make a nicer tone so i asked a mate and he said cars have silencers built in the exhaust if remove it ,it would be a better sound. i just was wondering if my car has a silencer and how would someone go about removing it or making it non operational.. thank you for reading this . any suggestions would be great also ..
  6. ok i was looking for a nice sounding exhaust for my 2003 Focus 1.6 but apparently are hard to buy a aftermarket exhaust for/ does any body know the reason or some that will fit ?
  7. hey guys i have been offered a set of multi fit audi rs8 rep alloys they are 225/25/18" and the Fitment is 5x100/112, ET35, 8j any idead will they fit and if i need spacers what mm 2 go for ??? thanks
  8. hey guys and gals i need help with my power for it i want to run all these but want to know what i need to do so HEAD UNIT SUBAMP+SUB 6X9's + AMP + ive heard of these batteries have a look plz batteries thanks parr0t0