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  1. Leaky Focus

    I changed my pollen filter the other month when we had heavy down pours the old one was trashed! Got a new one for £4 and replaced it myself. Havent had any issues with water leaking in as of yet, tho i did reseal the top panel with a load of silicone! Hoping to find a new top panel at the ford fair tho just incase it does start to leak in the winter seasons. Easy job took about 5 minutes and saved a few £££'s on what a main dealer would charge.
  2. Dried Cement On Car 😡

    Thats a good shout steads il have to do some research, its been on there a good month now guess its a respray jobby now then? :(
  3. Dried Cement On Car 😡

    Parked next to a building site when i said not too! The more i think about it the more annoyed i get lol
  4. Dried Cement On Car 😡

    Thanks, i will try the white vinegar in a spray bottle when i get back off holiday :)
  5. Dried Cement On Car 😡

    As above really, the missus got cement on the car and it is dried on hard as havent had a chance to try get it off, its pretty covered!! Im not happy about it either tbh, does anybody have the best solution? Tried sponge/shampoo jetwash hot wax jetwash etc. any suggestions i would be very grateful for 😊
  6. Collapsed Pipe That Goes In Back If Engine

    Found the cause, its an emissions breather hose there £13 on ebay or £16 from a ford spares dralership, and an easy fix :)
  7. Mk1 Focus 1.8 Mp3

    Looks good :) i like the curtains too are they easy too source? Hmm considering what i read i may have to let mine go and look at another less rusty one lol. Pref with less miles on the clock too
  8. Mk1 Focus 1.8 Mp3

    Ok kool, think the silver is the the better looking out of the 2 colours. Tho i have the met blue. I did read somewhere only 1500 were made? I dont know wether to believe it or not tbh
  9. Just wondering what the best way to change the colour of all the exterior (nasty) black trim? Is it possible to take the trim off the car or would it be easier to spray them whilst on the car? Im thinking perhaps plastidip?
  10. Mk1 Focus 1.8 Mp3

    Hi there, i've looked online to search for abit of information on the mk1 focus mp3 and cant find much about the car online? I have one and im interested in how many were made etc? From what i can tell from mine is that its got a set of alloys and a cd player that can play mp3 cds. Other than that its just a basic 1.8 zetec? If anyone could please shed any light on this? :)
  11. Collapsed Pipe That Goes In Back If Engine

    Hi jeebo, its the one with my thumb on top of?
  12. Hi, i got a mk1 focus that has a collapsed rubber pipe which goes into the back of the engine, i beleive its an oil breather pipe of some sort? Also been informed it is a common fault? Anyone know the true name of this pipe?
  13. Creaky Drivers Side Electric Window.

  14. Creaky Drivers Side Electric Window.

    Hi all, (mk1 focus 1.8 MP3) got an annoying creaky noise coming from my drivers side electric window when it goes up and down any ideas and is it an easy fix?
  15. Hi all, I've been given a universal K&N cone air filter by my brother in-law and was wondering how to install it? Its for a mk1 focus 1.8, i understand its proberly straight forward but dont want to damage anything by making any stupid mistakes. Any info would be greatful :)