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  1. Plastic Side Window Panels

    Dear old Ford This is a simple design fault. The countryside is littered with Fusion window trims that have flown off. The replacements are unchanged and weak. The cost of replacement is about £35 the cost of manufacture about 10p. I'll look to replace my Fusion after 8-9 years good use but the cost of spare parts is the sort of issue that will make me buy from other manufacturers who don't shaft their customers.
  2. Starting From Cold

    This is a well known software problem, the symptoms are always the same only happens usually when extremely cold. I sought the same advice from this Forum and was guided to take it back to Ford for an update. It provides a 100% solution that has lasted more than 2 years now. It costs but it works.
  3. 1.4Tdci Start Up

    This appears to be a known problem requiring a PCM software update. I have battled with this for 2-3 years before taking it to Ford. Of course this is now a mild winter and the temperature must fall before I can test the outcome. However if you look back to 2009 someone reported on this issue and recommended the same out solution. I believe I have cracked it with this solution. The cost at a central London garage was £70-80 but cheaper than calling the break down boys.
  4. Removing The Rear Bumper

    In an earlier posting the question was raised how best to remove the bumper. The advice/link is no longer liver. Does anyone know the best route? Thanks Bulkedward
  5. Quick Clear Windscreen

    I have a 2004 Fusion, the Quick Clear only works on one half of the screen. Is there an obvious place to go look for a loose connection? Thanks Bulkedward
  6. Welcome to the Ford forums bulkedward :)