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  1. Just annoys me as it was the wing mirror on the pavement side as you can see in the photos - and there's no other damage to the car so its not like someone collided with it. Oh well, thanks for the links, gonna see what I can do ! Cheers
  2. Well walked to my car today and saw the wing mirror missing a bit. On closer inspection someone's had a right good go at it and then just taken the white plastic cover, leaving me with a mirror thats been pulled out of its socket on the door. Wonderful way to start the Jubilee. Pics : Anyway - as my excess is £200 I'm guessing I should just pay for the repair myself - anyone know if that is repairable or I'll need a new one and if so where can I get a new one from ? Thanks
  3. I shall thanks for the heads up :) Im thinking something may have fell inside the mechanism whilst the car was parked and it was crunched whilst opening - its a long shot but thats what I'm thinking.
  4. Hi there, Getting on with Fiesta ownership quite nicely so far apart from a flat the other week. Anyway - I got in the car this morning and whilst the mirrors were still opening the drivers side one made a loud nasty cracking noise - hasn't done it since and from the look of it - it hasn't been knocked by anything. Anyone else had them doing this ?
  5. If it helps thats their website from his banner in the garage : http://translate.goo...%26prmd%3Dimvns and from digging around they take the 1.6 - 120bhp to 132bhp so from normal to s1600/metal kind of area which is interesting : http://translate.goo...%26prmd%3Dimvns Dunno if I'd get it done because warranty goes out the window, would rather just get mountune but I've heard its pretty loud for daily use which is a shame. I also notice it says that it retains warranty but I'm guessing that means either only for Dutch cars or they have an additional warranty they give you to cover the drivetrain. Not sure as my dutch isn't great and google translate is a bit picky. Then again superchips do one for £250 all in and its just a plug in device they send you and you do it all yourself - gives +13bhp with the same kind of extra warranty covering the drivetrain : http://www.superchips.co.uk/search?make=9&fueltype=1&model=1&variant=2303 I'd be interested to know if anyone on here has done the superchips remap or not and if its any good.
  6. I've tried 4 sticks loads of different formatting methods - putting all files and just the two AU files on there and I've given up. Either I've already got the latest update because my car was March built or it just doesn't like me. Oh well :)
  7. I just assumed as it came from the factory with the body kit attached that I wouldn't have had to call up. I will give them a call and ask anyway.
  8. Mine brand new fiesta (one month old) just started creaking from the front left suspension tonight coming home over some speed bumps. Bit concerned - the car has only done 400 odd miles ! Gonna take it up the dealer tomorrow and have a moan. Was going in for the passenger seat anyway so might as well see what they can do for that. Mark did the replacement arms fix it ? Im thinking with the car being so new they'd have fitted the upgraded parts if there were any so I'm guessing this is just a design flaw that hasn't been fixed. Not sure.
  9. Well NTFS didn't work so back to the FAT32 option. Can anybody who was successful with updating say the exact size and model and make of USB they used and what formatting they used on it ? I'm guessing it says no files found because the car was built in March and has this update but I'm not so sure.
  10. Yeah I've tried just putting the two AU files on the USB and nothing as well Still throws up - "No files on USB device" after it says "USB initialising" Not sure what else to try. Can I ask what make and model USB you used and how it was formatted ?
  11. I just tried this update on my car and again it just says USB initialising - no files found on USB device - it does this for three different USB keys that I've tried. I've extracted everything to the root of the USB, I've extracted just the AU files to the root and still the same error across all three devices. Does it have to be FAT16 ? All of them are over 4gb so they're formatted FAT32 thats the only thing I can think of that might be causing this. That or because my car was built last month it already has this software and the system says no files found if its already up to date ? Not too sure . . . Any help ?
  12. So is this update like fresh out today ? I shall give it a try.
  13. Cheers bro its really good so far - dealer also has been really good. I found a company that is selling the Black Wheels also - http://www.european-parts.net/catalog/product_info.php?products_id=1341&osCsid=9eb101d80422ed53152db87ef425a71f Anyone had any dealings with them ?
  14. Did those wheels come as standard ? Trying to hunt down a black set from a non-Ford dealer !
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