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  1. Listening to Turn It On by The Flaming Lips #nowplaying #tunesday http://t.co/tEi8qqgp via @grooveshark

  2. Focus Problem

    Its time for the st220!
  3. Hi all. fitted my mist types yesterday to my fiesta. Took 2 minutes. No cover on the inside f tho bonnet. Popped them out and popped the new ones in. There great.
  4. New Member

    Welcome to the club!
  5. Fiesta 2003 Doubled In

    Hi im looking for a proper good cd player with screen for my 2003 fiesta. Want it to have satnav built in and an aux output on the front. Any sugestions?
  6. Anyone here got the new dead rising 2 off the record on ps3. The online co op is pretty good. If anyone wants to add me im antihero4_20 come join a game with me sometime.
  7. Wooooosh!!!

    Hi lloyd welcome to the club. Sure youll get on fine here. I have, everyone is willing to help on any queries you have and some of these people really know what there talking about.
  8. Ford Keyring

    Better be a !Removed! good keyring for that money. £7 aint too bad though.
  9. Car Care Kit

    Hi, I want to purchase everything i need to clean my car from shampoo, to interior cleaner to bucket and sponge, the lot. What would be ideal is everything in 1 with a carry case too. Im willing to spend around £80 and wouldnt dream of buying anything until i'd run it past the forum to see who likes what makes and what the best deals are around. Again thanks for the help guys :)
  10. Fiesta 1.25 Finesse Project

    Found out that i dont have abs. Whats the 1.6 engine like?
  11. Fiesta 1.25 Finesse Project

    Awesome man thanks. At the risk of sounding like an absolute idiot whats the easiest way to find out (without slamming the brakes on) if i have abs or not?
  12. Meet In The South Wales Area Sometime In The Summer?

    Yeah! lets all meet in a huge field :):):):)
  13. A Wales Meet?

    Yeah top gear have been there quite alot actualy. Testing lanciers and a crystler. The road is amazing. Drive through there at least once a month. One of the best drives that wales has to offer.
  14. Fiesta 1.25 Finesse Project

    Hi. Thanks Jamie. But what i really wanmt to do is find out the best/easiest new engine to fit. Any ideas?
  15. Fiesta 1.25 Finesse Project

    Hi everyone. Im looking to do something different with my fiesta. Its the 2003 mk 6 finesse model. I know that its not quick and would cost a bomb to make it quick without an engine conversion. Does anyone know what engine would go in with the least amount of work possible and not too much money spent. The something different that i want to do to it will come in after an engine most probably. Soooo any ideas???