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  1. Timing Belt Broke - Repair / Scrap?

    if im at the correct speed for the gear. it chugs at the lower end and i need to go up a hill. it jerks until it sorts itself out then speeds up ok
  2. Timing Belt Broke - Repair / Scrap?

    today i had the engine light flashing then it went out. few minutes later it stays on. thats not good is it
  3. Timing Belt Broke - Repair / Scrap?

    well I got the belt changed and as there was a lot of damage a new head was put on. It doesnt seem totally happy though. Where once you could go slower in the higher gear (am i right in thinking fords are known for being ok in any gear at any speed?) I have to be more precise, going slowly in town traffic i have to drop lower as it begins to splutter and jerk. What checks need to be done to get the engine and new valve head to be 'in synch'? what causes this, is it normal, how to fix?
  4. PS3 or Xbox?

    Xbox for me. To keep up tech-wise you would have to alternate between xbox & ps. My main choice apart from thinking MS was the lesser evil than sony was that the controllers are so good on the xbox and ghastly on the ps. I can play for hours on the xbox with the controller in the hand but couldnt with the ps & as a marketing point that should be a big consideration.
  5. Forza Motorsport 4

    yeah playing this atm. Using Ford to get my affinity up to 50
  6. Best Driving Songs?

    That is a great one isn't it! At the moment it's these, its from the 2011 film Drive. It's great film with 3 modern 80s style synth songs College - A real Hero Desire - Under your spell Kavinsky & Lovefoxx - Nightcall
  7. Timing Belt Broke - Repair / Scrap?

    there was actually the day before, a whiney ticky sound lasted only a minute though. Had to do a run down to Preston so didnt get the opportunity to check it out unfortunately
  8. Timing Belt Broke - Repair / Scrap?

    So is this actually the fanbelt, cant you see the cambelt at all? I take it this is the cover and if i undo these top bolts i can see the belt inside? Also a lot of white crystals about, what could this be, something leaked, be the cause?
  9. Timing Belt Broke - Repair / Scrap?

    Ive looked around on the net and there doesnt seem to be an absolute answer to whether its a non-interference engine. It would be nice to get an honest non-biased answer as to whether it is nor not. Ive asked around but noone got an answer to that other than £100 or so for assessment
  10. Timing Belt Broke - Repair / Scrap?

    cheers guys yes it was a shame it went now as its due. The wife was driving so thats how she described it as a 'sort of clutchy smell'. The clutch also ironically was done just over a year ago beginning feb 2011. Also unfortunately been made redundant recently so its all of a bugger of a timing. So money is tight, im so unmechanically minded so wouldnt know where to start with the engine or going to a scrapyard for an engine. i kinda proded what you can see of a belt thats on the side of the engine (there that shows my level lol) and it looks ok. so the cambelt cover is to the left hand side and i should easily be able to unscrew the top ones to get a hand in to feel?
  11. Got a 02 1.6 zetec focus 92k that packed up the other day, doing 70 on m/way and it just stopped, no bang just glided to a stop on the hardshoulder. did have a sort of a clutchy burny smell but the recovery guy said it was the timing belt. 1. what simply test can i do to see which has gone wrong . belt or clutch 2.probably going to have to pay to tow to garage but what price for initial inspection to see what sort of valve/piston damage if any has been done. 3. is a 1.6 se zetec engine an interference engine and therefore guaranteed valve damage what price are we talking there? so repair / replace engine / replace car?
  12. never done that before. so you take off what you want and they guess a price i should pay?
  13. Welcome to the Ford forums SEP555 :)