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  1. lols am sitting bout the 30 mark. but then again tend to drive with the heavy shoes on most of the time haha. had 38/39 but felt like was driving like a granny :D
  2. get the mountune mr155 kit fitted :)
  3. nice one man got the best colour car :P and badges
  4. hey guys i've just changed the interior buld in my mk7 and when put it back together if i have the switch in the middle/totally off the light stays on and if i switch it to side to come on when doors are open it does not come on. not that i use it, just changed to a blue led and same problem happens if put old bulb back in. any help would be much appreciated
  5. cheap but effective are dmb gel overlays, got white with blue ford writing on front, back steering wheel and alloy caps makes a big difference to boring normal ones ^_^. led sidelights and number plate lights, quick and easy change. oh and have a look in footwells and see if you have wee bulb holders and if theres any wires going to them and put coloured led bulbs in them, i have blue ones and when the doors are open then whole footwell lights up blue looks minted :D. detango front and rear indicators. after that then its the dearer and more effective mods like lowering it and induction kit and the list could go on and on lols
  6. yeah but the facelift looks naff. "power dome bonnet" says it all really oh and they have raided the aston martin bin for the front grill . mate youve got the best shape fiesta going and there is a limited number of metals made same a s1600 hence why am not trading it in for newer st. the new shape does nothing for me.
  7. think keeping the vinyl is bit of an age thing, correct me if im wrong tho. i just felt keeping the stripes made the car look a bit young for me and only car that gets away with the stripes is a dodge viper. think it looks good with just the side stripe, as it still lets everyone know that its a s1600 but thats just me lol
  8. the stuff i use it meguiars deep crystal range its 3 bottles 1 a paint cleaner 1 a polish and the other is a wax. get some big microfibre cloths of drying after wash and some good ones for wiping polish and wax off. asda do big green microsfibre ones for £3 and they are actually quite good and cpl wash mits one for top half car and other for bottom and dirty bits lol. you got much planned for the car or you keeping it standard for a bit? theres a few cheapish mods that make it stand out bit more :)
  9. hi buddy and welcome. got to agree with it being the best colour hahaha. must admit it looks more like a focus rs with the wheels being black. and yeah wash every week and get few coats polish and wax on it and it looks gleeming :). your not wrong bout the wheels being nightmare to keep clean, have to give them a wee wipe every cpl days :(. enjoy the car mate they are really sweet
  10. alright there buddy first off gatta say you have a sweeeet ride man lols and about the power i would say at least went up to 130bhp cos dont know if ford do anything with the map the cars got. best to try and get it on a rolling road and see what you got. ive got the 132bhp and fitted pipercross HFIC so it would be interesting to find out too lol
  11. under forth road bridge in edinburgh next challenge - next to an airport, bonus points for plane in background
  12. dirty little so and so's why cant people leave other folks cars alone
  13. hi nath ive got the 134ps version in blue and ive done a few little bits. got the pipercross induction kit from pumaspeed and love it, car roars now lol, also got 30mm eibach springs fitted and handles alot better feels more planted and got 15mm spacers on rear wheels so wheels flush with arches. got a few pics if you need. hope that helps a bit
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