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  1. Selective windscreen demister

    Hello again, Thanks for the replies; jam, I seem to be in the same boat as you, I've found both fuses and they seem to be OK, I've bought what I think is a replacement from Motorworld but I haven't tried to fit it yet, 40 amp but the case looks a bit big. If replacing the fuse doesn't work then it may be that SY is going to be right!! What a New Year's pressy ? I'll let you know how I get on. Regards,
  2. Hi, I hope you all had a great Xmas. Today's little problem is that I seem to have only half of the electric windscreen demister working! ( passenger/nearside ) Is this possible, common, rare, unlikey or should I change my psychiatrist? Any clues would be greatly appreciated. I wish you all a fantastic New Year. Regards,
  3. Good day, New member here with a tale to tell ( already ! ). Recently collected my 2004 C-max 2.0 ltr diesel from Brentwood; on the way back to deepest Wales I got stuck on a sharp hill, unable to select 1st or 3rd gear. Thought no more of it, probably me I thought. It continued to refuse to select either reverse, 1st, 3rd or 5th over the next two or three trips. The first mechanic said it sounded like the baulk rings. The second mechanic said it wasn't the cables or the clutch plate so it has to be the hydraulics. Left him to order the relevant parts. In the meantime I thought I might just have a quick peep myself. On taking out the air filter body to reveal the selector mechanism what do we see ( rhetoric question ) yes, of course, jammed between the selector cables was the mirror and backing of somebody's old wing mirror !!!!!! Gear change now works perfectly. Moral: "Things are not always what they seem" Merry Christmas all. Don.
  4. Servicing

    Hi, Almost finished the service on my recently bought C-max 2.0ltr diesel, 2004; all OK except for the location of the gearbox filler plug, there are two on the left hand side ( viewed from the driver's seat ) the lower has to be the drain but the upper seems to be too high for the 1.75 ltrs that the TIS disc tells me. Anyone got any more clues ? Regards, Don.