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    Ice Problem

    Thanks for the replies guys
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    Ice Problem

    Hi guys. Ist post on site. Recently bought a 57plate, 2.0tdci zetec. My only problem so far, is with the Sony head unit. It won't play cds. Get some sound through front right speaker, naff all from the others. When using radio, have no problem at all. Any ideas please.
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    Ice Problem

    Thanks Greg & btmaldon. My unit is a sony 2nd generation, single, not 6cd. It only has an aux in, 3.5mm jackplug in glove box. I have tried a cd head cleaner, but hasn't improved the prob. What's involved to remove the head unit? Looks like the centre console & other various parts of the dash have to come out? Has anyone fitted a dvd/cd/sat nav unit, like the ones to be found on ebay?
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    New Member

    Hi everyone. Just bought an '07 S-max, which i hope to keep a lot longer than my last car lol. Hope to get lots of info from site. Happy motoring. Graham