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  1. Lost Radio Code

    Mintalk' your the man! thanks so very much
  2. Lost Radio Code

    Hi all, i have lost my radio code, can anyone help me with this? No is M016140
  3. Crashed

    depending on your valuation ( how much you said the car is worth) thats the amount they should pay out, this it to replace your car for a new car of that price. look up "Glass" Auto book or simular, for the cost of your car at todays prices, don't let them fob you off, which is what they will try to do.
  4. Crashed

    Hi, I dont think the insurance will alow you to buy the car back without looseing a lot of money, garages usualy buy the car whilst they are talking to the insurance assessor, something very strange goes on, you would see the same car back on the road withing a fortnight, I recently smashed the front end of my focus, new front end, air bags and hood with 1 new wing, total cost was approx £450.0 which included all the little bits and pieces. I am no expert on vehicles, the knowledge was gained by looking and asking on this and other sites, then going to small garages to complete the likes of painting ect, now it's back on the road and looks fine, bite the bullet and have a go at rebuilding it your self, you can mention to the insurance that you are taking it for another opinion. best of luck. lets know how you get on. Ken
  5. Cigar socket adapter when removing the batery

    Many thanks for that, mintakin, appreciated.
  6. Cigar socket adapter when removing the batery

    Hi mjt, Many thanks for the valued information regards Ken.
  7. Cigar socket adapter when removing the batery

    Thanks Mintalkin, nice one.
  8. Hi, has anyone information on an adapter that you can plug in the cigar lighter which retains the radio without losing the codes ?
  9. dipped beam height adjustment

    Hi, a bit late in sending this but..... If you remove the headlight cover on the back of the headlight you will see one of two things 1] right in the centre their is a " plastic butter fly - key type". or 2] an oblong box, the later is the motor that drives the headlight up & down if you have the plastic key then you need to replace with the motor, had this happend to a friend of mine when he bought a focus.
  10. Hi everyone, Ihave just re-built a focus 02 reg front end, Ihave replaced all the body work and chasis member etc, I have replaced the two front air bags, (which needs re-coding), everything works fine except the horn, my question is should the horn work even though the airbags need coding or is this something that is linked to the set up, please help if you can.
  11. Connectors

    Thanks again stef, I will try this out, best wishes to you and yours for the new year regards
  12. Connectors

    Many thanks for the information Stef, however do you know where I can obtain these items, ?
  13. focus Airbag Sensor

    Many thanks SierraYankee99, I will take your advice and let the garage sort it out, All the very best to you and your family for the new year. Ken
  14. focus Airbag Sensor

    Thanks for the information would that be on the Plastic or on the frame ?
  15. focus Airbag Sensor

    Hi, I have a Focus 1.4 LX, can anyone tell me where the front crash sensor is located, my manual say it's behind the radiat0r but dosn't seem to be there Is it a "one time unit? Thanks Guys. Ken