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  1. I have posted many topics regarding a noise issue with my car, and might have eventually found it after many garage trips and self diagnosis. (MK6 Ford Fiesta Flame 1.4 16V) When stationary with the engine switched off, with the steering lock disengaged, with the key left in the ignition. I turn the steering wheel left to right and wiggle it to find an annoying knocking noise, and this before I get to full lock. Now if I am right is this an issue with the steering rack, and tie rod ends that are covered with the steering boots??? This is an idea of the sound I have found via YouTube:
  2. Puzzled Mystery Noise

    I forgot to add. I do also get a clunk/rattle type noise that I can hear that comes from the offside near front, this only occurs when I go over a pothole or sometimes on a speed bump. Had this looked at but everything was secure and fine, even when it was taken for a test drive. All that was said was its a bit of play in the suspension.
  3. Puzzled Mystery Noise

    Yeah that was probably a better description of the noise, a thudding noise on the slightest of bumps and uneven surface. Thanks for that never thought it would of been the suspension top mounts, its annoying as hell having to keep the radio or cd player on all the time, thinking either my wheels are being destroyed or they out of balance.
  4. Hi all. I currently own a MK6 2004 Ford Fiesta Flame 1.4L 16V. Now I have already posted a couple of topics relating to this matter. The car seems to be producing a lot of wheel noise, not as bad on smoother roads but still quite significant. All wheels have been checked for buckling or damage, and there is no sign of that. Tyres are fine and wheels correctly balanced. Took it to two mechanics to check for any suspension, steering related problems, and they cant seem to find anything wrong with that. Wheel alignment is OK apart from the steering wheel being slightly off centre, car tracks straight ahead no pulling to the left or right. Also put the gearbox in neutral to rule that out when at a certain speed, but still noise is there. Had a front wheel bearing replaced and both rear bearings replaced not long ago which is rules that out, and the only wheel bearing not replaced is the offside front but that is fine no play or noise coming from it. The noise seems to be coming from the front of the car and sounds like a thudding, rumbling noise as though the shocks or springs don't seem to be absorbing the bumps in the road very well. Although the suspension is OK and steering is OK I would of thought this is more of a ball joint problem. When I first bought the car back in March 2011 the only noise apparent was normal tyre roar. Anyone any ideas? Done the best I can to describe the problem so hope that helps a bit.
  5. Buckled Wheels

    Thanks for the reply. Yeah I'm just finding out what the awful road noise is. Its either down to the alloys, or the tyres which are Goodyear Vector 4 Seasons. Sounds like a wheel beating noise, which I have heard Goodyear's suffer with out of shape tyres, but not on this type of tyre.
  6. Buckled Wheels

    Anyone know or had any issues with the following alloys related to buckling or weakness etc:
  7. Mk6 Fiesta Unknown Noise

    Had all four wheels re-balanced today. Solved the shaking steering wheel problem, and is more comfortable, but apparently the wheels are buckled so he put them at the back and best ones on the front. Now looking at the alloys I cannot see any buckle on the rims or alloy. The noise is still there which is like a beating noise mentioned. I'm now either putting this down to either tyres out of shape or could be that last wheel bearing is on its way out which is I am guessing will be (car done 46K) soon but until I hear the horrible whining noise of a wheel bearing shall not change it until then.
  8. Mk6 Fiesta Unknown Noise

    Well if it is a wheel bearing the only left to replace will be the o/s/f as that is the only left to change. It must be in its early stages if its about to go again, because like I have said recently had a MOT done and the other three wheel bearings have been replaced. Just annoying that I bought the car when everything needs replacing either due to it coming to the end of its life or age of the car! And this is a car that was regularly serviced at a ford garage as it says in the log book.
  9. Mk6 Fiesta Unknown Noise

    Ah OK sounds like something that I am just going to have to live with. Never mind getting all four wheels balanced again tomorrow so it may help. to quite them down we shall see. Thanks anyway for the info, is it due to the fact they are rolled off the production line out of shape from new, or because of road surfaces, balacing issues etc??
  10. Mk6 Fiesta Unknown Noise

    Hi all, My car (Fiesta Flame 1.4L 2004) has developed an interesting humming noise when getting above speeds of 20 miles or more. Now before you suspect it being a wheel bearing issue, I have recently had 3 wheel bearings replaced 1 front and 2 on the rear, and not too long ago had its first MOT which passed with no advisories. Also had 4 brand new goodyear tyres fitted just before the MOT test. Now taking all this into account suspension is ok, no problems with drive shaft or cv joints etc. and having new wheel bearings fitted, the noise seems to be coming from the front wheels. I have come to the conclusion that all I can think could be causing it is imbalanced wheels even though tyres are only a few months old and had been balanced at time of fitting, steering wheel does start to wobble when getting to 70mph. Could it be a balancing issue??
  11. Welcome to the Ford forums ahunter90 :)