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  1. gopacic

    Is a remap really worth it?

    I'm driving it, remapped when it had 16k, blocked EGR, pipercross air filter, now it is on 111k, I will never sell it. Fast in all gears. Remapped here SM Chip Tuning
  2. gopacic

    Add Bluetooth on 2010 Titanium focus

    I had BT installed with latest Sony radio and latest module when I bought the car. I changed the BT/Voice module Novero 8M5T-19G488-AS with older Nokia module with USB/BT. I realised it doesn't support Voice commands (I never used it anyway) and I need to update software to November 2012 version for BT audio to work. If you have older Sony radio with older firmware on it and newer module, they can be incompatibile, and only Ford can update Sony firmware in radio to support newer module.
  3. gopacic

    Aux Port In Glovebox

    I am OK, car was on parking by the street. I wasn't in it. Citroen Jumper bump in Suzuki Vitara and she in my car. Both left doors, boot door and multilink need to be changed.
  4. gopacic

    Aux Port In Glovebox

    Hey, just saw this thread. My car is broken at the moment after the crash. So fully modding will be after car repair. What I did is replace BT/AUX module with BT/USB/AUX module. Now I have USB and AUX in the glovebox. I did buy plastic holder for armrest before around 20 pounds from local Ford dealer, seen on pictures here. Used plastic gun to glue 2 old AUX M-F and USB M-F in plastic holder. So I just need to put it in the car. This is more OEM, I think.
  5. Ok, will try that tomorrow. Update, central hole is hexagonal, didn't realise it before, so I had only 5 times to make wrong position of wheel. After 3rd try all is perfect now.
  6. Anyone know how to align the steering wheel to tires after retrofitting cruise control? I tried 2 times replacing wheel and changing position, but everytime it's in different position, now it's on 10 o'clock, when tires are straight. Cruise control works. I don't want to go to alignement service.
  7. gopacic

    Retro-Fitting Bluetooth To A 58Plate Titanium

    I have Novero 8M5T-19G488-AS, it is latest model. If someone wants it, I think you must have the latest Sony radio from 2010-2011 year.
  8. I have a question about rear LED RS stop lamps?

    On your pictures there are classic bulbs and in the middle are LEDs. How do they glow? LEDs glow always in same intensity? When brake is pressed red halogen bulb is turned ON on max intensity with LEDs on same intensity?

    I did mod with Osram PY21W LED for testing, just removed one pin and colored in red upper bulb to glow red. It works in lamps, but only on max intensity.

    I will buy RS lamps only if I could put Osram LEDs in place of halogen brake bulbs. Signal turn lights won't work in LEDs they blink twice as fast.

  9. Resistor can't be fitted, my GEM don't have resistor for signal lights. Resistor is integrated in steering wheel, in front of driver legs. I read it on internet for mk2,5, and search it on my GEM. yes, they flash 2x faster (front and rear). If I change signal light only in side mirrors, they all function correctly.
  10. I changed all lights in interior with LED, sidelights, mirror lights, rear fog light, reverse light and license plate bulbs with LED, osram w5w 4000k and P21W 3000k LED, no CANBUS error. I tried change turn signal lights, but they glow 2x faster. I don't know how to change resistor integrated in steering wheel for normal glowing. mk2,5 titanium 2010 made in Spain.
  11. gopacic

    Side Lights, Any Good Upgrade Bulbs Around?

    I bought that 12 osram LED 4000k W5W and changed almost all lights on my mk2,5 titanium. They are not brighter, they glow like previously 5w lamp (like specification says). My car don't have CANBUS, so no errors. All of them working over year now. Light is nicer then original lamps, yellow-white color, more yellow on edge of light and in center is white. Only minus is price. I combine sidelights with osram nightbreaker ultimate H7 and H1, almost no difference in color.
  12. I had similar problem with my fuse box last year. After 2 years, right low beam stopped working. Service first thought it's headlight box, they order it, and it's still not working. They changes board GEM, and reprogrammed it. (They needed both car keys). Car was on warranty still. Maybe I broken it with my leg, hitting the codriver compartment?
  13. gopacic

    1.8 Tdci Running On Added 2 Stroke?

    What about 1.8tdci then? Is it better to use Euro4 diesel with more sulphur or Euro5 with less? Will injectors become dirty earlier with more sulphur?
  14. gopacic

    Ford Radio Replacement

    Pioneer AVIC-F9220BT can go in it very easy.
  15. gopacic

    Focus 1.8 Tdci Dtuk Tuning Box/ Bluefin/ Remap??

    I remapped with this company Didn't go on rolling test. 20.000km and counting, no problems so far, everything like Stoney871 said.