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  1. Power socket and Ford+Alexa

    Hi, Just a couple of small queries - I have a new Mk8 Titanium X with all the goodies fitted but I'm trying to find the 2nd power socket. One next to the gearstick - check! One inside the central arm rest...err, can't find anything, just a USB socket. Anyone else's the same? Also, and this might completely unknown but - does anyone know if/when Ford+Alexa app integration might be coming to UK models running Sync3? Thanks in advance for any feedback.
  2. Mk8 Delivery Delays?

    I was going to reply earlier and say - nope, I think it's all ST-Line X's coming in just now. Anyway, the dealer called lunch time and asked if I could drop by sometime to sort paperwork. I said yup, how about after work. When I arrived he told me car had arrived a hour earlier, completely unexpected Wasn't due until end of March (but that seemed to move to w/e 17/03 and then w/e 24/03). So yes, the Titanium X's are now arriving. Big rush now to see if we can turn it round for collection tomorrow as we're away on holiday from this Sat. Anyway, pics of my new baby in the dealership compound ~ Titanium X, 5 dr, 1.0/125, Frozen White, BLIS+Cross Traffic, Door Edge Protectors, 17" Alloy Style Pack, Auto Park Assist. Exited right now is an understatement! Just hoping I don't have to wait another week when I could be driving it next week.
  3. Mk8 Delivery Delays?

    Ah well, good news then. That was the message from my dealership but they could have been telling me anything. I guess the cars will just be stacking up and shipped out as and when.
  4. Mk8 Delivery Delays?

    Spoke with dealership this afternoon and mine (spec’d up Titanium X ordered 19 Jan) is still at New Flushing. Original ETA was 31/03, updates from dealership have been suggesting week ending 17/03 for a while but potentially during the following week now - he mentioned shippings from New Flushing are on hold just now and no cars shipping out of Dagenham this last few days. Hopefully that will resume soon. Another update next week sometime but still on track/slightly ahead of schedule for line still. As long as that stays true that’s not too bad for a mid-Jan order as I’m aware a lot of folks have been waiting much longer. I’d say to keep checking and nagging for updates and action, hopefully those delivery dates will come down but it certainly seems Ford is hanging out the Fiesta’s more quickly now.
  5. Mk8 Delivery Delays?

    Just had update from dealer, excitement is building. Car built and waiting at Vlissingen ready to be shipped over. Still on track for delivery during week ending 17/03 although I'm hoping sooner as I'm only on holiday that week (face palm moment and wondering if it's possible to convince my wife, if push comes to shove, to make a diversion to collect). Anyway, ordered 19th Jan fully expecting to get it until May at earliest, August at latest. Pleasantly surprised but now just excited, to be honest. Poor wife will be relegated to a distant second for a few weeks. I expect this forum thread will be filling up with photo's of the car cars very soon.
  6. Mk8 Delivery Delays?

    Hi Rcross, Sounds encouraging. What spec did you order? - I'm interested as I ordered a spec'd up Titanium X on the 19th Jan with an ETA of week end 17th Mar - right when I'm on holiday! As far as can be seen, they have been focussing on the ST-Line X's this last few weeks and adding the Titanium X's to the mix now too. My last update on Monday was the car was in still in 'Segmentation' but I'll see if that's changed when I get my next update on Monday. I'm starting to feel confident that I'll get my hands on my new pride and joy much sooner than I expected when first starting the process, maybe sooner still than evenj the dealership estimated.
  7. Mk8 Delivery Delays?

    Sounds to me (and I could be wrong) like they are much focussing on building the X models now. I ordered on 19th Jan (Titanium X, 125ps, 5dr, white. With 17" alloys, door edge protectors; driver assistance, auto park and BLIS packs) and I checked with the dealership today who confirmed mine has moved into 'Segmentation', also with an ETA week ending 17th March.
  8. Mk8 Delivery Delays?

    That’s a shame, never mind. Thanks for the reply anyway. Good news some folks’ cars have started appearing though. Makes me wonder, if there are delays all over the place, I’d hate to imaging what’s the wait will be like for the ST.
  9. Mk8 Delivery Delays?

    Does anyone know how/if I can check my car order status online myself. I found the http://www.cotus.ford.com/ site and mentioned it to the dealer the other day. He said he’d look into it and came back with a combination of order number and dealer code that don’t work on the site. The dealer has gone off to look into it again (not sure why he couldn’t have check himself first before leaving the details on my answerphone) but it would be good to hear if it’s possible or any tips.
  10. Mk8 Delivery Delays?

    Perhaps so, just found this - https://www.ford.co.uk/shop/research/technology/performance-and-efficiency/ford-ecoboost/1-litre-ecoboost-wins-award
  11. Mk8 Delivery Delays?

    Dragunov404, that's good going. What model did your parents order?
  12. Mk8 Delivery Delays?

    On a Titanium, Auto Park Assist includes front and rear sensors and the camera. I believe if you specify Auto Park Assist it has to have the front and rear sensors whether you like it or not, so it can identify suitable spaces and guide the car into place. On a Titanium X, you get the rear camera anyway but rear sensors are optional - again, unless you tick the Auto Park Assist in which case you get front and rear sensors and the camera. I'm not sure you can have Auto Park Assist on the ST-Line or ST-line X but you can spec up rear sensors and camera. Likewise for the Zetec's. I have no idea about the B&O series models. The Vignale I think gets sensors all round but the Park Assist is still optional, likewise BLIS and the Driver Assistance Pack. Probably surprises me more that the Driver Assistance Pack isn't standard across the range but there you go. I can see the confusion though as the camera says it includes rear sensors but they are still available as an option even if you tick the camera, and the price goes up too when you tick the rear sensors as well, strange.
  13. Mk8 Delivery Delays?

    Not posted for donks, that's not the right profile pic for starters. So...this will be interesting then. I spent most of last Thurs pm (18/01/18) haggling and thrashing out a deal and signed on the dotted line the day after. I'm trading in a '15 Focus and placed my order for a Fiesta Titanium X with some extra boxes ticked - Frozen White, 17" Alloy Wheel Style Pack, Door Protectors, Advanced Auto Park, BLIS, and the Driver Assistance Pack. Initial contact was made via CarWow if anyone is interested. This followed a close but unsuccessful attempt to buy via AutoeBid (not their fault, just the way it panned out because of part ex issues). Anyway, I recall it was around Sep that I first learnt that there have been leather supply issues and had become aware again in mid-Dec that there was wait of around 10-12 week because of this. To be honest, they could have just as easily been making it up, but either way there were problems and a lengthy wait involved. I have gone into the deal expecting a wait but I'm not too fussed. The dealer in Bristol I placed the order with said to expect an update from them in early Feb but I'm not really expecting any particularly enlightening unless Ford really ramps up production, but I can't quite imagine that happening yet either. Either way, it'll be a wait of some time and most likely an 18 plate by default, or maybe a 68 plate perhaps [face palm moment]. Anyone who gets their hands on their Fiesta's ending in an 'X', keep us posted on your order, lead times and experience. Always helpful to know. Cheer's all.
  14. Bluefin 100Ps Remap...

    I have it on my Titanium 100ps. I have been running it for around a year and a half - it makes a very big difference. I’m not a hard accelerating type so it’s more about the torque for me and that’s very noticeable. Hard acceleration can be a little brutal but as I said, not my reason for buying. I just wanted a more capable car, as it were. The torque pulls and pulls and when you think it should start running out it keeps going that bit more, and then a bit more still. Very handy for getting up to speed easily and quickly, easy overtakes etc, it’s also a cracking little motorway cruiser now and a genuinely quick little car. It has honestly made a huge difference. Delivery is smooth and consistent; I guess it just feels like it’s the same car with all the same traits but with an added hefty dollop of something in reserve when you want it. It’s good anyway but that extra power and torque really does put a smile on your face. When due in for a service I plug in the handset, restore the original map and put the Bluefin map back on after. Reliability has been perfect an brake and tyre wear no different. I’d say use it with the mechanical sympathy you would use in any car as you are shoving a lot more torque and power through the existing transmission etc, same with the turbo etc. Got to be honest - downsides 1. it invalidates your warranty. If this is a concern don’t do it OR take the view I did that you’ll remove/reinstalled it before/after garage visits but that’s your decision. After two services and three visits to resolve Sync and puddle light issues, nothing has been noted by the dealer. 2. Fuel consumption is a little higher but nothing to be concerned about. 3. When you remove/reinstall it messes up the clock and all stereo sound preferences. 4. The extra power/torque can still be affected by your own bad driving- ie: changing down a gear on a long steep hill during an overtake can still leave you with turbo lag and a botched overtake. Stick it in gear, toe down and it keeps pulling as hard and as reliably as you expet. 5. You can’t transfer the handset to another similar car without paying up a fee for them to unlock and transfer it, £250 I think, a shame but there you go. It’s bound to the car unless they unlock it. I have no regrets, very pleased. Hope that helps.
  15. Happy Birthday BrownMotoring!