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  1. Just Got A Mondeo

    It probably does but the torque is lower on a petrol engine so such flywheels tend to survive for longer.The whole point of a DMF is to reduce stress on the crankshaft and gearbox, it will make the petrol ones smoother but on higher torque diesels they are more of a necessity.
  2. Hello everybody I just purchased a 54 plate 2.0 Mondeo Ghia so I thought I should join an owners club and I was already a member on here from when I had a Focus. It's one owner from new, full Ford service history and only 69888 on the clock so hopefully it will not cause me many headaches. I used to have a Mk3 1.8 estate years ago and loved it despite it being high mileage and scruffy. I've gone from an MGF to the Mondeo so it seems very big right now. The Pug put me off diesel what with the DPF and DMF being costly issues and with the price of oil plummeting I decided a petrol was a better option and it will be no worse on fuel than the MGF I suspect.
  3. Help me, I have no music!

    Sorted. Got a different connector from an independant motor factors. Costs half as much as the Halfords one too.
  4. Hello

    I own a 94 16v Probe and have just got a 2001 Focus Ghia Estate 2ltr so that I can stick the Probe on a classic policy and use it for the summer only. I found this place whilst Googling for Focus clubs and i'm hoping advice from this place will save me from getting ripped off by garages. I know the Probe specific clubs have saved me many hundreds over the last couple of years.
  5. I've got used to my faithfull old Ford Probe over the years and that will whiz through the gears effortlessly. My Focus changes gear nicely but I'm finding that the engine revs are not dropping quickly enough and I end up with the car jumping a bit. This could be me trying to rush it through the gears but is this normal? Its a 2001 2.0 Ghia with 51k on the clock (confirmed with all the old MOTs) so I would not have thought the clutch would be playing up. The breather hose was not plugged in to the air box and the air filter is a bit grey with dirt so could a new filter and ECU reset make the engine run a bit more responsively?..........I'm just rambling now, any tips about this car would be appreciated.
  6. I'm finding all the faults with my new focus now. The Temp and Fuel Gauge are not working so I guess I need new instruments. Will a set of ST gauges work OK in my 2001 2.0 Ghia? The top speed and revs are different on the ST gauges so will they read accurately? Thanks in advance.
  7. Help me, I have no music!

    I've been in to fords and the chap at the Pars desk said he had the same problem with his Focus. I 'll have to get a mobile ICE specialist to have a look.
  8. Hello everybody I got a 2001 Y Reg Ford Focus Ghia Estate yesterday and it has no stereo. It originally had a 6006E. I bought an Autoleads harness adaptor from Halfords but only one of the connectors fits it. The other is 7 pin rather than 8. Here is a picture What do I need to get to fit my Kenwood in this car? I can't drive around without music