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  1. 2015 Edge - Press Kit

    So I've just stumbled upon this website used to hold the marketing information for all of ford Europe's new models. http://www.fordmedia.eu/skill/cars/ Here's the Edge 'Press-kit' page http://edge.fordpresskits.com/enhanced.htm edge_in_60_seconds_EU.pdf
  2. So I've just stumbled upon this website used to hold the marketing information for all of ford Europe's new models. http://www.fordmedia.eu/skill/cars/ Here's the Mustang 'Press-kit' page http://mustang.fordmedia.eu/enhanced.htm Here are the Mustang UK Specs For more 2015 Mustang Info check out mustang6g.com forums :)
  3. Ford Mustang

    2.3 ecoboost and 5.0 Ti VCT V8 will be available in Europe. There is a 3d model of the euro spec on the ford website you can find with a bit of digging : https://mustang.ford.eu/?fmccmp=other-nwp-mustangucl-homepage-promopanel#/en-gb Also check out the mustang6G forum
  4. Yeah I know where your coming from with the current generation being low prices for what you get, but think of all the re-engineering that's gone into this one as it's a new car from the ground up, plus the 'old fashioned' rear axle is cheaper than engineering the new Independent rear suspension, plus the cost of offering a RHD version. Plus European safety standards are a lot higher than the US, so with the focus ST it automatically met the US standards as it was designed in Europe. All in all the cost of all the quality improvements will probably have knock on effects in price, both state side and other markets. It's one of the reasons Ford hasn't bothered with a global conversion before. I really wish it is going to be around £25-30000 but I doubt it will be
  5. For those saying it should compete with the brz/gt86 price wise, personally I think ford will be aiming more at the a5/3series/C class with the mustang as I've seen a rumour that there will be a large (3.0?) diesel, and size wise, it's not a small car, it's about the same size/ shape of the coupe variants mentioned above. A well spec'd A5 coupe 3.0 tdi can cost £45000 so I doubt the mustang will be cheap. Probably not in the 40-50K bracket but not far off. That's my logic :P but may be wrong
  6. I think the GT (v8) May bring me back to the ford club.. Such a good looking car Any ideas of convertible pricing compared with coupe/fastback
  7. As promised, here is a guide for fitting the submarine, ST style lights to the interior map light unit. Please note, I will not be held responsible to any damage you may make to your car when following this guide. Guide to fit Submarine Lights.pdf I managed to complete this without breaking or scratching any parts of my car, so remember to take your time and if you need any advice please PM me
  8. Retrofit Auto Lights And Wipers

    Okay guess your mod to the mirror works better than mine lol, was viewing on iPhone before so only had a small image. I didnt go to the extent of cutting away at the mirror but seems like the plastic cover is a better fit on the windscreen as mine was. All I did was file some grooves on those three small circular parts to slide over the original mounting but this left a small gap around the plastic trim. I was not sure if your modification would bring the plastic too close to fit but looks good :) About the switch, are you sure you have the right loom going to the switch?? as im sure knowing ford they have soooo many looms that do different things for different models. If you look at my guide of fitting the submarine lighting, you can see the wiring to the connector i had, best to check if yours is the same. If not then I would say probably a faulty switch. when in the auto setting without the rain sensor fitted the either the side lights or dipped beam was constantly on, i can't remember which though. What would you like to know mate?? ELM options or just general info?? also i will have a look for some pics, I planned to use some black vinyl wrap cut to shape around the sensor mount, but it will be hard to cover the actual mount as it needs to be glued to the screen and any tint/wrap will not adhere. The best thing to do would be to have the windscreen changed to the one with the built in tinted section.
  9. Retrofit Auto Lights And Wipers

    Hey :) Is that a slot in the circular part of the mirror? The reason I ask is if you fit it on in that position the plastic cover to his wiring/sensor won't fit. I shall post a pic of how it must be modded to fit with plastic trim. Also you get my pm about the elm options?? Glad to know this is becoming a more popular mod, if anyone needs help/advice please feel free to ask :)
  10. Focus Bulb Lists

    The ST/RS Xenon headlights use 2004-2007 Osram D2S bulbs dipped 2008-2011 Osram D1S bulbs both dipped and main These work as both dipped and main beam as they are BiXenon, meaning there is a shield in the projector that lowers when the main beam is required
  11. Rear View Dim Mirror

    I retrofitted this. You maybe lucky as most cars have the correct loom already. The wires are taped up in the headlining, you need to remove the interior light and the square bit around it, then you should see the loom taped between this opening and the start of the windscreen. If you can't see the taped wires then sorry you don't have the right loom. As for fitting the mirror the mount is different to the manual mirror. You will need a new windscreen/mount or to modify the new mirror to slot onto the original mount
  12. Haz93's Zetec S

    Okay the Bi-Xenon's are back on Ebay if anyone is interested :) http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Focus-ST-headlights-RHD-08-11-/111028819707?pt=UK_CarsParts_Vehicles_CarParts_SM&hash=item19d9d556fb
  13. Personally from what I have heard on this board, the 1.8 tdci is a well built reliable engine and that's the on I would choose, especially due to the short distances it will be used for with the dpf issues. But petrols are recommended for short journeys as diesels take around 15 mins to warm up and are unefficient before that point. The titanium 1.6 petrol I has only the 100bhp option. The Zetec S is the only one to use the 115 bhp engine between 2008-2011 The Zetec S does look the best though, better than the ST in my opinion :) especially in white :D But that's just me, I wouldn't buy a car any other colour :) Take a look round at some of the mods on the forum too as some are super simple but make a real difference, like the RS rear lights mod that I did completely changes the rear end :)
  14. Xenon Bulbs

    As mentioned eBay is the best place, there are no real shops for oem or aftermarket xenon bulbs
  15. Hey and welcome :) I have just done almost the opposite, traded my 5 door focus Zetec S for an A5 2.0 tdi Sline Cabriolet. I do love the audi as it's such a stylish car with superb build quality, however if I was to have another hatch I would get a focus over an A3/golf any day. I have driven A3's and golf's as pool cars from work and both are way to cramped compared with the focus, as I am 6'2 :P and yeah the boot seems much smaller on the VAG platform. I had the 1.6 petrol 115 Zetec S and got 35-40mpg doing a 30mile round trip to work and back half motorway half A and B roads. A lot of people say the 115 Ti VCT is rattly and underpowered but I never found that to be the case. And if I could I would have still kept the focus aswell as the A5 but that wasn't feasible for me. Bluetooth isn't standard but all the radios have the phone buttons so this you must ask/check before purchase. Also the Zetec S has a low spec for tech. The titanium has a lot more features; dual zone ac, all round electric windows, Sony sound system, DAB etc. which the Zetec S doesn't but if that's not a worry then go for it as its a really good car to drive