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  1. Engine/gearbox Compatibility?

    Ok. So will a manual mtx75 box fit a former-auto engine either?
  2. Engine/gearbox Compatibility?

    Let me clear this up a little. My 1.8 is a manual. The 2.0 was automatic. Without its origianal automatic gearbox which i dont want, will the 2.0 fit my gearbox. Ps, keeping same ecu aswell. ie, whereas it normally fits the auto box, will it also bolt up to my manual one.
  3. Engine/gearbox Compatibility?

    Hi. So ive got a 1.8 mk1 focus zetec. The bottom end is rattling, hence; knackered. However, im looking to do an engine change. I've spotted a mint 2.0 automatic engine. Question is, will this fit straight up to my manual gearbox and is there any ACTUAL difference between a manual engine and this one that i need to be aware of? All help welcome.
  4. Think its called rear upper trailing arm. Got a pic but cant put it on here.
  5. Mk1 Focus Bootlid Smoothing

    Nah. No luck m8.
  6. Mines the upper bushes that connect the suspension/frame arms to the body. (Up on inside of rear wheels). Clang like billio.
  7. 1.8 Head/2.0 Bottom?

    Hi all. I got a 51 focus zetec 1.8 blacktop with a rattling bottom. What im wondering is if I can fit a 2.0 botton to a 1.8 head and flywheel? The head is all good as most of it was new last march. Anyone know for sure to help. Thnx.
  8. St Intake Manifold On A Zetec?

    Also. What are the sizes of the 1.8 + 2.0 throttle bodies? I cant seem to find anything. I wont bother with the st stuff. Curious moreso.
  9. St Intake Manifold On A Zetec?

    Good good. I got the throttle body but cant fit it!
  10. St Intake Manifold On A Zetec?

    Hi. Anyone know if the st170 intake manifold will fit my mk1 1.8 zetec?
  11. Meet In The South Wales Area Sometime In The Summer?

    Me too. I live in pontypool
  12. A Wales Meet?

    Yeah. That road in the beacons is an awesum road.
  13. Exhaust

    Hi just did sum research and i think the hatch and estate share the same parts. As it happens im selling my powerflow exhaust. Just search ebay. Mines a de-cat to backbox. But can be altered to cat back. For a pic of the exhausts check this link - www.cats-direct-shop.co.uk/parts/FORD/escort/1.6/1999/_/129/exhaust-systems. This is for 1.6 escorts mind. Hope it helps
  14. Focus Cambelt Broke - Only 92K

    I got a mk1 1.8 and the tensioner went on mine causing a bill of £950 n 8 bent rods. That was at 94000 miles. Id just bought it and it happened 4 hrs later. There was a squeak and it was basically ignored.
  15. Hi all. Need sum help if possible. Anyone know where i can find an adapter so i can fit my st throttle body to my 1.8 zetec. The bolt positions are different. Any help appreciated.