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  1. Ford Sport Ka 2008 1.6

    I will have to take a look when off work nxt week thanks
  2. Ford Fiesta Mk6 1.25

    Il have a look at that 2moz thanks
  3. Hiya all i had rattle noise coming from my front of car i have changed dropped links and also changed gear box mounting as it needed it and while up on ramps i checked all suspension and lower arms and all was good. After doing all this this still rattles when going over minor bumps. Any help please Thanks all sean
  4. Hiya all my ka makes a wierd humming noise after driving for 10 mins and when she comes to a stop its happends aswell or on start up it sounds like its coming from engine area but can not find where anybhelp please Thanks all sean
  5. Hiya to all on the forum My partner has a 2008 sport ka 1.6, we have changed the lower arms both sides and track rod ends and top mount rubber doughnuts and has been geo tracked we put back all together nicely and now when when coming of the drive down the curb there is a knock noise that you can feel by the brake pedal and when turning left and right when under pressure. I checked all nuts and bolts are secure and they are and none are loose. any help with this all please welcome thanks regards sean
  6. Hiya All Just a quick one, my partners sport ka 2008 has a air con leak in it. found this the other day as green liquid was coming out. The leak is on the pipe that leaves the accumulator then goes to the condesor or motor. the leak was caused by the curved bracket holding the pipe in place this has now made a very small pin hole in pipe. I rang ford and they said it will cost £214 for the pipe . at the moment i have a piece a hose pipe around it with a jubilee clip so far so good. I dnt really wont to regas it as it may leak again as this is a temp fix. Would it be possible to weld it closed the hole or just replace it with a second hand pipe and is it specific to what type of ka like couild i put 1.2 ltr pipe on this 1.6. any help would do please thanks all
  7. Radiator Top Hose Slight Leak

    I will try that monday when off work and get back in touch then thanks for help guys:)
  8. Radiator Top Hose Slight Leak

    its a spring band fuel hose that was on there before so I just replaced it with one of them, its not leaking from the radiator I checked this out, It only seems to be around the the clip area is it worth using a smaller clip to aid a tighter fit?
  9. Radiator Top Hose Slight Leak

    Hello All:) Help needed please I have recenlty replaced the clip on the the top hose that goes into the radiator due to rust and a tiny leak, on removing it. It had rusted that much it had left a indent of the old clip was and now even with the new clip on its still leaking coolant abit. Advice needed please. Regards Sean:)
  10. Hiya all Just wanting some info on fitting one of these to my car, would it work on the origanl radio and how wouldbi fit if it can be. Thanks all cheers
  11. Cone Filter

    I have fitted a cine filter to my air intake pipe and replaced original that was screwed to grill, I have also removed the otiginal paper filter to, car sounds deeper and roaring can this way be done. Please reply many thanks
  12. Induction Filter Ford Fiesta

    Hi all Would it be possible to take off my stock air intake that is screwed in the grill and put a sports cone air filter on and remove the normal air filter with in the top box. :):)
  13. Induction Filter

    Hiya all I have taken by stock cold air part off that screws to the grill and replaced it with a induction k and n air filter, the original ford air filter box is still mouted and it does now purr a bit amd roar is can this set up be done or do I need to remove the stock air filter from the air box. All comments welcome
  14. Hiya All my qustion is that, my fiesta mk6 is now makeing a wierd like scrapping-grinding sound when slowing down, Ihave checked the gears work all ok and all is still smooth changing (even with one finger) reverse goes in nice too. I then checked the clucth goes down and up ok this seems to be fine.I then checked if it the gears when i slow down and what i noticed is that this noise happends when i slow down would it be possible that it is the brakes.My car is second hand and was from what i know on the car shop for about 8 months and would this cause rust on the brake disks or pads. I am going to have a look saturday when off work with all help needed what should i look for and test to find the problem. Regards thanks again all
  15. Rattle From Back Left Door

    the sound is gone now it did turn out to be the seat cathes underneath lol thanks all again