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  1. ToolBox


    Thanks Kev, all the searches I have done suggest it is the ceramic coated one. Regards Brian
  2. ToolBox


    Does anybody know what type of DPF is fitted to the 2.0L TDCI. Is it the type that has to have the fluid topped up? Regards Brian
  3. In this case braked means the towed trailer regardless of what form this takes must have overrun brakes, what happens is when you apply the car brakes the inertia of the towed trailer pushes on the coupling head compressing a spring or damper and applies the trailer brakes via cables or rod and cables. Above 750kg this is a legal requirment. when towing over 3500kg the brakes must be fully hydraulic operated from the towing vehicle, then above another weight the brakes must be operated by air Regards Brian
  4. If you want to know what or if your vehicle can tow you look at your registration document (used to be V5) and it tels you. This is difinitive, if it dosn't say you can not tow legaly. Regards Brian
  5. If your tyre is loosing pressure when parked up weather on a curb or not you have a puncture eather in the tyre or loosing pressure on the tyre/wheel rim seal. Forget all the other stuff about nitrogen.
  6. When my Motorcycle Battery went t ts up the charge voltage was all over the place, may be worth substituting the Battery for a known good one,of the correct type, we are now at the time of year when Batteries just fail as the temperature drops and internal resistance rises. Regards Brian
  7. I have 57 Focus with roof bars, bars purchased from Halfrauds not too expensive, but quality cycle carriers can be, I purchased mine when there was a sale on, I think roof mounted are the best option if touring on the continent as we do, bear in mind if you are not tall they can be difficult to fit particulaly the one's nearer the centre, I am 6ft2" tall and still use the caravan step to make things easier. Regards Brian
  8. DMF IS duel mass flywheel and is unlikely to be fitted to your petrol engine so please ignore my post. Regards Brian
  9. If this model has a DMFthat is the most likly cause when on idle is the noise from around the gearbox/bellhousing area. Regards Brian
  10. Sara, check your wheel nuts as soon as you can, a loose wheel will make a clicking noise at first then as the wheel becomes looser it turnns into more of a banging sound. Regards Brian
  11. ToolBox

    Roof Bars

    If you remove the blanking strips, below you will see the seam is full os sealent, dig out the sealent in the centre to reveal a plastic blanking screw, remove this blank and your roof bar mounting screws in here, upon removal of the foof bar adapter you must re fit the blanking screw and fill the hole with sealer or your car will get wet inside. Regards Brian
  12. Please dont shoot the mesanger but it sounds like your battery has jossed it, and they do just like that. fit a new battery. Regards Brian
  13. ToolBox

    N00B Q

    Depends on yr of manufacture it may be an H7, mine are, check the bulb, it saves any hassle and they are quite expensive. Regards Brian
  14. If it's the same as the saloon you remove the covers dig out the sealant covering the screw holes, remove the caps from the screw threads and your bar mountings are bolted on using a 6mm cap head screw, if you get your roof bar adaptor Kit to suit a 2007 mk 2 it will be the correct one for the job. Regards Brian