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  1. Best Polish?

    This is the stuff for me, Very good indeed. http://www.greasedlightning.co.uk/viewproducts.php?set=32
  2. Titanium Econetic 2012 - A Few Things!

    I just pop the nozzle in as far as it goes then push down and pull the trigger, I tried the first notch stuff and I had the same problem as you. I have the small eco badge on mine as well, I like it better than the old one, The car gives a far better ride than the zetec I used to have, I reckon thats down to the higher profile tyres. Great car, not for the boy racer of course but tight gits like me. :D
  3. Econetic Engine Characteristics

    Hi John. All I have noticed with mine is that at 30 it's better off in 4th. I have had a bit of jerk sometimes when putting the power on which seems to be getting better with the miles (only 600 so far).
  4. Fuel Which Is Best

    Hi all, I hear tell that some supermarket fuels are not all they should be. Is it worth me paying the extra for say bp or shell. I have a new 1.6 econetic which is already giving me around 65MPG. I was just wondering if I would get even better by not using supermarket fuels being the tight git that i am.
  5. Dab Voice Tune

    Yup it sure looks like it, Oh well never mind I'll just have to use the buttons instead.
  6. Dab Voice Tune

    Hi all, I have just got a mk7 titanium econetic(12 reg) and I'm having problems with the voice tune on the dab radio, I store them and the nice lady in the dash says they are stored, I then try to call them via voice control and I get service not avalable . It works fine on the am and the fm. Is there something I am missing, The handbook don't say much about the dab sadly. Help.
  7. Welcome to the Ford forums Robbogfc :)