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  1. Happy Birthday Moriarty the Mundane!

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    Hi all, forgive me if I have done this wrong but I am not used to this format of forum! Give me time I will get there!! Had my S-Max for about six months ago and other than a hiccup with the handbrake release, the pull wire from the button to pawl broke, I can only say what a superb motor it is! I looked about on many forums before I bought it as having owned Fiats for seven years and I tow a "tintent" into the bargain I wanted to make sure I had something more reliable than my Multipla and more able to tow. I have to say that my purchase, an '08 2.0 TDci manual, has ticked all the boxes and more. Very impressed by the spec as its a Titanium model and quite impressed with the fuel consumption as it is a big car. I am averaging around 35- 38 knocking about (the multi did 38-40) and this week I had cause to do a 100+ mile round trip, mainly on motorway work, where it managed a creditable 51.2mpg! My Multipla never, ever, got that high! Towing, its always around 30mpg which I cant grumble about. All in all the family Moriarty are... chuffed! I was always a Ford man having had Two Cortinas, three Sierras ands a Mondeo in my time I suddenly went all foreign and bought Hyundai's and Daewoo's before the last two Fiats. Frankly, I know the Korean cars are budget market and many scoff, but the truth is they are the only two cars I have ever had in 39 years of driving that didnot break down! The current Hyundai being twelve years old! Looked at the new Hyundais and Kia's and was sorely tempted but, they just did not fit my 18 1/2 stone frame. A friend suggested the S-Max and well...here I am! However, I digress... From first looking at this forum I have to say it appears to be friendly and informative unlike others I have fleetingly frequented and I hope to become an active member over the coming months/years? If , like me you have come from a Fiat orientated forum you may know of me as I run the Fiat Multipla Owners Club and its yahoo groups styled forum and I do like to post! Well, thats it for now... Have a great day :) Moriarty...
  3. Welcome to the Ford forums Moriarty the Mundane :)

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      Moriarty the Mundane

      Cheers Steve... lets hope its mutually fruitful!

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