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  1. I’ve just had a phone call. “Can we keep overnight so the master technician can take over. Gulp lol
  2. Hi have you had your battery checked? If there’s cells on the battery check to see if any are dry. Make sure you have the correct PPE. Safety goggles/visor, gloves, overalls to keep your arms covered.
  3. Hi. ive recently bought an 2018 2.0 diesel auto AWD. I love it. I am having problems with a vibration from the rear when the AWD engages. The harder you accelerate the more noticeable the vibration. It’s going in on Thursday so I’ll let you know. MPG is great 38 ish around town upto 54 on a Motorway run. It’s very quiet and comfortable.
  4. Thanks for that. Much appreciated. I’ll get it booked in tomorrow.
  5. Hi, I have a 2018 Mondeo ST line X 2.0 diesel Auto AWD. when I accelerate there is a vibration when the AWD kicks in. Surely this isn’t normal. I’ve not experienced it my parents 2014 Kuga. anyone got any ideas.
  6. Hi, ive been a member on here since 2012 but only a paid member from today. I’ve not been an active member for sometime. I have a 2018 Mondeo ST line AWD auto. I love it.
  7. Happy Birthday @jigsaw@!

  8. Hi, I'm wondering if anyone can help. I have a mk2 focus 2009 and have recently purchased a used set of roof bars with a missing rubber foot and the blanking plates with the hole in for the securing bolts are missing. Would these be available to buy as separate parts or does anyone have any for sale? Thanks Lee
  9. Thanks for the ideas when I have some spare time I will investigate. Lee
  10. Hi, I have a Mk3 mondeo and when the ignition is on, the front windscreen washers work fine but when I start the engine and press the button the water just leaks from the bottle onto the floor, only a small amount comes to the windscreen. The back window works fine all the time. Any ideas? Lee
  11. Graham, If you do it, dont forget the new rocker cover gasket. It's been a long time since I've done this job but you have to do them in a particular order and use the rule of 9. Working from left to right the first one being 1 the last one being 8 = 9 the second valve 2 the next to last 7 = 9 and so on if you get what I mean. Lee
  12. Morning all, Ive had the EGR valve fitted ( I hope this isn't tempting fate ) and the light hasn't come on :D but the rear brakes nearly set on fire instead yet another handbrake cable fitted all OK now, fingers crossed. Lee
  13. Hi, Im Lee, live in Yorkshire. I have been a Ford fan since 1983 ish when my Mum met her new chap who was a Parts manager at a Ford dealer in Leeds he used to take me to the Motorshow and get me into the new Fords that others couldn't get in. He had the best company cars at the time Sierra 2.8 4x4 2.9 4x4 and so on. I have owned Fords all my life from bangers to brand new ones. Lee
  14. Stevie, I've just had the same problem on my 2.2TDCI took it in and the fault codes pointed at the EGR valve. Ford wanted £300.00 for a new one but I did a bit of digging on the old internet and Jaguars EGR is the same. I bought one off the well known auction site from a Jag garage in Hull at £120.00 is identical. Fitting it tomorrow so will let you know. Not sure if yours is same style or not so check it out first. Also you can take the EGR off and clean it with carb cleaner. Lee
  15. Welcome to the Ford forums @jigsaw@ :)