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  1. swhite87

    Interference Engine Or Not (Belt Snapped)

    Cheers for the reply's well i stripped it this morning and we have atleast 6 bent valves on the inlet side, the other cam has free movement on it as well so not good, looks like 3 of the pistons have been damaged in the process too so it may be going to the car park in the sky if i cant source another engine fairly quickly
  2. hi there guys and girls apologies if this has all-ready been covered elsewhere to cut it short my timing belt snapped at about 70 mph on friday night just wondering if anybody knows if it's an interference engine or not????????? or is it even worth saving it???? engine is a 2001 1.8 16v zetec
  3. swhite87

    Accident Damage= Total Loss

    my mondeo (2004 2.0 tdci 130) was written off just before christmas, they started by offering me £850, so i refused it and did some research of my own and within about a fortnight of me sending them all the info the offer had shot up to just under £1400. so its definitely worth persuing them for a better offer
  4. swhite87

    Write Off Value

    well their first offer is £1200, have told them that i am in the process of getting independent quotes so will see how it pan's out, by the time the excess and final premium have been deducted it leaves me with £ 875 (solicitors will be claiming excess back though)
  5. R.I.P to the mondy, our 3 months together were good

  6. swhite87

    Write Off Value

    update: well the car was inspected on the 27th of december nd i rell am not happy atall, it has been clssed as a cat C with damage to: front bumper, o/s front wing, both headlights, bonnet, front grille, o/s front wheel they have valued the repairs at £1650 what has annoyed me the most is that the "engineer" has stated that it was in below average pre accident condition, all was imculate apart from the gearstick gaiter being worn. and that there are dents on the front n/s door (luckily i took pictures of every panel about 15 minutes before collection, i have requested that another inspection be carried out (in my presence) and that thes issues are sorted very soon, will keep you all posted on the progress (on a lighter note i have seen a 52plate 2.0 tdci 130 ghia x for jst under £1100 with 115k on the clock)
  7. swhite87

    Write Off Value

    well so far it's looking like i won't get an answer this side of xmas so will keep you updated btw if anybody is selling a tidy diesel in the south/west wales/somerset/hereford or gloucester area i may be interested quite soon
  8. swhite87

    Write Off Value

    cheers for the info so far guys, well it was collected for assesment this evening soshould know soon, made a call to the local dealer and the wing,bumper and headlight came to just under £700 so by the time paint and labour are added on i think i can safely say its probably gonna be a cat c, i suppose the only plus to it is that it wasnt my fault, just a shame they gave me a new astra for a hire car (2.0 cdti 165bhp) that drinks diesellike its going out of fashion
  9. swhite87

    Write Off Value

    Car recently had a run in with a 12 ton lorry whilst parked up at work, only thing is the insurance (hasting's) have said that there's a 90% chance it will be a total loss, needs front wing,bumper,headlight,grill and bonnet. just hoping that they don't take the p#@s when it comes to making me an offer, if anyone has any idea what its worth it would be a great help as a bartering tool car is a mk3 2.0 tdci 130 6 speed with 132600 miles, fsh, new clutch with dmf and no other damage atall many thanks
  10. There is a certain amount in the turbo system anyway due to lubrication and build up from the exhaust gases etc, easiest way to check is hold a piece of tissue by the pipe and get someone else to rev the engine
  11. Looks to me like there could be a hole in the intercooler hose, had the same issue with my old focus
  12. swhite87

    Paint Code

    This should help :) http://stores.ebay.co.uk/TheScratchDoctor/FORD-PAINT-CODES.html
  13. many thanks for all the help and advice i had from you all. I finally got the car back yesterday and can happily say that it drives absolutely perfectly (for me anyway) in total i parted with just over £600 £290 for labour and £310 for a LUK 3 part clutch kit and dual-mass with a 4 year/80,000 mile warranty so overall a bargain (as ford quoted me £1170) many thanks again and i hope i can help with any issues from any other members
  14. well it's now booked in for next wednesday at a cost of £590. managed to get all the bits for £310 so not as bad as i thought it would be but still alot more than i would have liked, thanks for all the help/replies, i will keep you posted on the progress just notced i don't have the radio code (cd 6000), can anybody tell me how to remove the radio to get the serial number please???
  15. well i have just had a look under the bonnet and the entire hydraulic system is dry and sound on all the joints but i can see fluid oozing from the under side of the gear box so it doesnt look good just had a quote from a mobile mechanic who will do the job for £175 if i can get the parts so if anybody knows where the best place to get all the bits from it wold be very helpfull