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  1. Custom Car Mats

    Mine came today, can't complain for £12, but any ideas on these screw in clips? Yes mine is a 2009 and i ordered the 2008 - 2011 mats :) Don't tell me i need one of those kits to actually fit it..
  2. Custom Car Mats

    Can't complain for £11 and next working day delivery - ordered thanks.
  3. Car Stolen

    Look on autotrader, get a few prices for the same car with similar miles and age, if they offer you well below, refuse it! You don't have to take their first offer, just have to say why you should get more and give examples. i.e. here's one i found similar, with leather interior http://www.autotrader.co.uk/classified/advert/201245491588260
  4. Arrrrrrrg I Hate Pop Ups !

    Just thought i'd chip in - if you have ad block installed, you can right mouse click the banner and click "Block this ad". It will give you a slider that you move along until the banner disappears! It would be fine if it remembered to keep it hidden but I was having to do it on every page!
  5. Fuel Consumption And Stiff Gears 1-2

    Is the gearbox issue when going from 1st to 2nd or from 2nd to 1st? If im doing above 10-15mph mine doesn't seem to let me put the car from anything into first gear, i assumed this was just by design though.
  6. Not sure if anyone has already mentioned this - but if you have an on-window phone mount, why not something like this? http://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/witness-driving/id437813388?mt=8 (Probably something similar for android users too) Records as you go, delete as required.
  7. I'm coming up to my first major service, which thanks to Evans Halshaw, is out of warranty (They seem to have given the car 3 minor services over 2.5 years because it was serviced when i bought it 2nd hand). As it's out of warranty, is there any reason why you should pay ford money for a major service, or would a normal service center be able to do exactly the same, and still give you a stamp for the logbook?
  8. Which Wiper Blades?

    Can't tell you which ones I'd advise that you should buy, but I bought Bosch ones 6 months ago, (AM26U and AM15U) for about £25 delivered and they're been pretty sub-average, bit streaky at times, especially when it's only raining lightly, and i've had to wipe the blades down quite a few times. No Juddering though. I'd be interested if the Valeo or Chamption twin pack from this page are worth the extra money?
  9. Latest Mod - 42 Smd Led #plate Lights

    I've got a set of these bulbs, any idea if they are legal for the number plate bulbs? Just standard 501 LED's, says ok for number plates on the listing. Thanks
  10. I'd look out for potholes :D On a serious note, you'll know if your wheels have buckled, not sure if there's much to look for otherwise, even if your wheel has slightly buckled i'd imagine it will need some serious repair/a new wheel...
  11. I'm getting a loud high pitched squeal from (What i assume) is the wheels after i've braked heavily (to a stop) - any ideas what it could be? It doesn't happen whilst im applying the brakes and goes away after about a minute or so on the motorway or after speeding up enough, but it's quite embarrassing in stop-start traffic! Even if i move off very slowly it starts straight away... I can try record the noise if thats of help - is the pad getting stuck somewhere? Thanks
  12. Squeal From Wheels After Braking?

    Funny you should say that i was just looking for one in a set i have, and nope, skips right from 6mm to 8mm. Thanks for the heads up
  13. Wiring Diagram Fiesta 2000 1.25

    http://www.scribd.com/doc/8204594/Ford-Fiesta-19952001-Zetec-Wiring-Diagram-Petrol-and-Diesel any help there?
  14. Squeal From Wheels After Braking?

    What did they do to it when you left it with them? Mine is no longer under warranty as of earlier this year typically - had no other problems with the car though. Also - thanks Stef, have plenty have allen keys but that will save me trying every other one before 7mm!
  15. Squeal From Wheels After Braking?

    Cheers i'll do that then and come back with how i get on after the weekend!
  16. Squeal From Wheels After Braking?

    Yes i pulled up earlier after a 30 minute drive and noticed the N/S disc felt to be giving off a lot more heat than the O/S. I can jack the car up on the drive and have a clean or do you mean brake hard enough to cause the squeal and then jack the car up immediately after stopping to see if its stuck?
  17. Squeal From Wheels After Braking?

    It's definitely getting worse, today the worst it's been before (not sure if due to the rain) - Would it be a case of cleaning the old caliper or a replacement one fitting? Can't tell what side it's coming from either which is the worst thing.
  18. Third Year Service And Bad News

    Just out of interest what goes into a 3rd year service? I know it's a major one just at the rate im getting through miles mine will be due in the next few months... What ford garages are people using?
  19. Frond Door Window Cracked

    Must say £66 for the window, not too bad Make sure you upload the video of you fitting it!
  20. Newbie Here. Just Put Down Deposit!

    The car, not so clean after 70 miles a day I do the same, clean the car on a saturday and it goes straight back to being a state by tuesday... <_<
  21. Sony Radio

    Yeah if a CD does it then you've either got problems or something set wrong. You could also have a fiddle with the automatic volume control, the volume could just be rising on the motorway and dropping when you come off. If the car isn't that noisy at high speeds it can be noticeable sometimes.
  22. Sony Radio

    When does the volume drop? I.e. are you driving on the motorway. Does this happen with CD's too? Just an idea it could be the automatic volume control if it's when driving. May be worth switching off and see if you still have an issue.
  23. Lightbulbs

    501's for the footwells? My Zetec has the plum interior was wondering if red footwell lights would look nicer and go along with the rest of the interior lights
  24. Detango Help Needed

    If he's using Silvatec bulbs should be road legal? No expert but thought that was the idea of em
  25. Detango Help Needed