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  1. Going To Court For Speeding. Advise Please

    Hi Stoney, You seem fairly knowledgeable about this and would like to ask your opinion on this. I have spoken to a solicitor today, and she has said it is highly likely she will be able to get me down to 5 points. She also went to on to say I might be able to get away with 3 points, and just do a pass plus test. I have spend hours on the internet and not seen this anywhere! The catch with this would be to use my age as an advantage. If I say how my lack of experience has got the better the better of me, and this is why I've done such a stupid thing. I am very wary about this option though and very fearful it will back fire on me and the court say exactly, you have no experience, so you shouldn't be on the roads.
  2. Before I get comments about how I deserve it, I appreciate speeding isn't the best thing to do, but it's been done, and now just looking for some advise. I am 19, so still within my first 2 years of driving so if I get 6 points my licence will be revoked. So last month I was pulled over on the M5 at 10pm for speeding. The officer was a nice enough bloke, and talked me through it. In the car, all he said was he reached 100mph catching up to me. I said yes, I was speeding, and he then went on to say I was being reported and I would likely get court papers through, this has since happened today. The court are prosecuting me for going in excess of 70mph on a motorway. This part is correct. In the witness statement, the police officer has said I was caught driving in excess of 100mph. This is incorrect. I said early HE did that speed to catch up with me, and I honestly didn't go above 95mph. Now the first question is, do I plead guilty? Yes, I am guilty to speeding, but not the alleged speed. There is nothing about an average speed, although I think it will be less than 90. If it is less than 90, I can qualify for only 3 points (I will be overjoy if this is the case). There is also some justification as to why I hit 95; I know it is not an excuse, but this might help me. I was sat in the middle lane, about to overtake the car in front (at around 85-90 mph). There was a car in the fast lane (the unmarked car) matching my speed. I then slowed down to a maximum of 80 to let them overtake me, but they didn't. Thus, I accelerated going out in the fast lane to get past the car (this is where I hit 95) as otherwise I would have had to brake relativity hard, which I would have consider to be more unsafe. I want to see the video which will show the police car's speed so I can build my case accordingly, can I see the evidence if I plead guilty? How do I go about claiming the police story is incorrect, and getting the point across that I did't do 100, but the police car did? The punishments I will get is a fine, likely to be around £300, and either 3-6 points or a 7 -56 day ban. If I get 3 points, that is end of story, if I get 6 points, my license would be revoked meaning I would have to do both parts of my test again. This will probably take a month at best to reapply for a provisional, and then book into both tests. If I have a ban, I receive no points, so might seem the better option, however, both are like a ban to me. Insurance wise, 6 points is about an other £100 a year so not too fussed, however a ban means my insurance will roughly double (around £1000 more!). If you were in my situation, what would you try and go for? If it helps, I need my car for work as I do around 20k miles a year, possibly could use this to try and hold onto my licence also? Many thanks in advance
  3. May Be Rejoining The Club!

    I'm picking my 1.6 TDCi ZS up today. This is the only 1.6 which isn't an ecoboost. Will let you know the fuel consumption I'm getting.
  4. Pick Up New Car On Tuesday

    I can go and collect my ZS on Monday as well! I am yet to see the car, yet to even see the dealer, completely bought it all via email
  5. Fiesta's And Iphones How Does It Work ?

    Hi Emme, Am I right in thinking you are getting a Zetec S? All Zetec's and ZS's come with free bluetooth and usb sony upgrade for free in March
  6. Fiesta 1.6 Zetec S(Petrol Or Diesel) Help

    It's just not an optional extra. Have no idea why. Ford said would be a £1700 job to it as a dealership extra. Absolutely crazy.
  7. Zetec S Silver Or Grey

    The grey is called 'Midnight Sky' - this is in the current brochure so I imagine it's still live, and the fact that I've been told there's one would also suggest this. The silver is 'Moondust Silver'
  8. Zetec S Silver Or Grey

    Hello, So I have just put the deposit down on a Zetec S and now just need to decide upon a colour. I could go to the showroom and get the Silver on Wednesday, or I can wait until next Wednesday and get it in Grey (has to shipped from Belgium). I know it should be a personal preference, but my mind keeps changing from one to the other. I even through in a white or ink blue occasionally, but I'm 99% decided to go with either of these colours. Can I ask for your opinions on both of these? The way I see it, Grey has the black feel to it, but all the keep clean effects of the silver. It also isn't so common. Thanks.
  9. Fiesta 1.6 Zetec S(Petrol Or Diesel) Help

    Hi, I had the same decision and I have just bought the diesel. I do about 25 miles a day so not masses more than you, so in a similar situation. I test drove both there was only the one pro for the petrol. It 0-30 was noticeably quicker. It also sounds better than the diesel. But as soon as you got going in the diesel, you were gone. Overtakes is nicer than the petrol, insurance/tax cheaper, fuel consumption better (10p more expensive a litre however). That's just my opinion though. The petrol seems to be a lot more popular Edit: You also might like to know the MPG's on both cars were quite different to brochure. petrol: 45, diesel: 57 Also, you cannot get the street pack on the diesel. Big down side for me.
  10. 1.4 Petrol Or 1.6 Diesel

    Hi all, I am upgrading my car this month, and after hours and hours of test drives, reviews etc. I have fianlly narrowed my choice down to three options: Fiesta 1.6 TDCi Zetec S Fiesta 1.4 Zetec/(Possibly Titanium) I am only 18 and currently drive a Vauxhall Corsa 1.2 04 plate, which is possibly the worst purchase I ever made! After being in a full time trainee finance position for over 6 months, I've decided I need a better car as mine looks like and drives like a heap of junk! I cannot get insured on the 1.6 Petrols, and Ford no longer make the 1.6 TDCi Zetec's, and now just make the 1.6 TDCi eco ones. I don't want to get a eco one as I can't justify 3 seconds 0-60 for 10 mpg. This has left me with just the Zetec S, as I sadly cannot afford the titanium. I test drove a 1.6 TDCi Titanium today which has the works! Body kit, leather seats, near enough everything. I believe the engines are the same as in the Zetec S, and I was very pleased. However, I know the Zetec S's suspension is harder, and I'm not sure I will like that. Does it really make that much difference. Since getting home after the test drive, I have been looking a lot again, and have now thrown the thought of the 1.4 Petrol in the mix. I'm not too worried about the difference in fuel consumption, but more just after the actual acceleration and speed. I have never driven a diesel for more than a few hours, and usually when I have driven them, it has just been sat at 80 on the motorway. My main concern is that it is going to be just as bad as the Corsa on A/B roads, and I will need to get about a mile run up to overtake something. Could anyone please advise? Thanks in advance.
  11. Welcome to the Ford forums Phil Griff :)