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  1. Happy Birthday neilcartledge!

  2. Fuel Gauge

    Aup mate, the fuel warning light comes on between the 1st and 2nd line, I've yet to run out of diesel (touch wood) but I've Been driving years and I am one of those who let it run out , stupid I know but money and fuel prices usually dictate how much I put in , so I could let it go down to the E then?
  3. Fuel Gauge

    I have a focus 1.8 tddi , y plate quick question please guys in light of the current mass hysteria regarding fuel in the uk i just wanted to know where on the gauge will it go as a maximum before it runs out , i've never let it go beyond the line near the empty sign, but will it go right down to the empty e sign before it runs out? on the odometer trick test fuel volume (option 10) it currently says F0027 followed by L003 Basically, where and when will it run out of diesel on the gauge? Can't get diesel for love nor money in my area at the minute :-( and i'm currently below the line
  4. 1.8Tddi Zetec Diesel

    Just wanted everyones experience and opinions on this particular model Just got rid of a fiat brava mainly because got 2 kids and another due in October. Had spent a bit on the car and to be honest seemed like the head gasket was on it's way out. Also it was returning summat like 20 mpg when a few months ago it was doing 30+. Also tax was up Ive been after a focus for a while , nice look good reviews , very popular car , millions of owners cant be wrong can they? So when I saw this particular model on the forecourt I compared it to their other 10 focuses and this one came out on top every time 103k , 3 previous owners, there was however no service history which was a bit of a concern First thing I did on Monday was to have new cambelt fitted and as soon as I have 100 quid spare next month I'm having a full service done So guys give me all your experience , will this cat keep me happy than the 4 years I had the brava? What problems should I look out for? What are the benefits of a 1.8 diesel? Basically have I bought a good car?
  5. Odometer Trick Test

    Ok cheers mate thanks for that How do I clear the memory then?
  6. Odometer Trick Test

    Was option 10, just before the temperature. After it came lo11 , I saw the p103 option but that was right at the end , about option 16 or 17, can it actually tell you when your about to run out of fuel?
  7. Odometer Trick Test

    Just done the odometer test, reset button and turn to ignition II etc... One thing I didn't get was on number 10 the fuel volume test it said f037? Anyone know what this means? How much fuel left etc Neil
  8. Cambelt

    Had a brand new cambelt fitted today on my 1.8 tdi Forgot to ask the mechanic, but when will i need to replace? hopefully a years :-) Also had some good news when took the car , mechanic who worked on it said everything and anything that can go wrong with a focus was fixed during the mot, he did tell me but i forgot but basically he spent 5 days work on it getting everything done like new brake pads etc , well pleased :-) fingers crossed for a very cheap garage bill in the years to come
  9. Focus Zetec 1.8Tdi Trip Computer

    Got y reg 2001 1.8tdi , no obvious signs of a trip computer but looks like its housed in the coint tray in far left hand corner , had the cover off this morning but can't see any wiring , maybe i'm not looking hard enough , any ideas here guys? i'm told all pre 2002 focuses came with the wiring for a trip computer without actually having one , although i think the ghia models in 2001 had them seen one on ebay that will fit perfectly but without the wiring it's obviously buying it , even though the seller says it will fit any 1998 - 2004 focus model
  10. Focus 1.8Tdi Zetec

    thanks stoney , just popped in a 15a fuse in the 46 slot and hey presto cigarette lighter works :-) as regards to the trip computer , the whole of the casing comes off , have'nt checked yet coz its chucking it down outside but when i get chance i'm gonna pop it off and have a look for hopefully the wiring :-) now just to sort out the other 3 things and i'll be happy
  11. Ant Decent Injector Cleaners?

    Thanks guys i'm gonna go with magic bullet i think Do you know if using garage petrol is better than supermarket fuel? i know its a few pence more but if it helps the car its worth it , i've heard bad reports about supermarket fuel
  12. Ant Decent Injector Cleaners?

    Does'nt redex cause more harm than good though? never heard of wynns to be honest
  13. Ant Decent Injector Cleaners?

    Anyone know any cheapish injector cleaners? Bit low on cash due to purchasing my focus on thursday and cambelt change tomorrow , so bg244 is out at the minute, been advised by a fellow forumer not to use redex, so any other decent ones anybody as used and got increased fuel economy/performance etc in the £10 or below price bracket? Cheers
  14. Focus 1.8Tdi Zetec

    Thanks mate Have you heard of tec 2000 diesel additive at all?
  15. Focus 1.8Tdi Zetec

    Thanks for that mate appreciate it It's going in for a cambelt kit change tomorrow and a full service next month , will these help in any way? All the posts I've read have said their circa 2001 focuses are doing a lot more than mine to the gallon The car itself Is sound and looks and drives beautiful , it's just a few niggles that need sorting Would the fact it's been on the forecourt for months have any bearing on it as well? Don't know what to think about the tyres but the steering does seem heavy totally different to a friends focus I drove which was very light and also 2001 like mine, I've checked the power steering fluid and it's fine I bought it Thursday and had a 12 month mot put on it the same day I've just had a fiat brava for 4 years with not too many problems, biggest being a new exhaust last September to pass it's mot, I'm hoping for similar luck with my focus :-) Thoughts / suggestions?