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  1. Dear Staff, the instrument cluster I have is just like the central one of the 3 that you showed me and the yellow light comes on very close to the figure 7 on the tachometer. After Sam's reply I'm just wondering if it might be a loose connection in one of the door lock's, will look at that possibility as soon as I can but its only happened a few times. Dan
  2. Hi Staff, there is no symbol next to the light but I noticed that when I open the drivers side car door this yellow light goes on and then goes off when I close the door again.
  3. I occasionally get a yellow light coming on in the instrument cluster of my 2006 ford fiesta, its just below and to the right of the tachometer dial, should I be worried ?. Thanks for any replies, Dan
  4. Thanks Ashleigh, your instructions worked first time, just perfectly. HAND, Dan
  5. I bought a 2006 Fiesta MK6 without any user manuals and the date on my audio console says 2006, can anyone tell me how to change this to the correct date and time please ? TIA, Dan
  6. I had a problem with my mirrors making a loud clicking noise when I turned off the ignition. I removed Fuse 8 @ 7.5 amp fuse from the fusebox, located behind the glovebox and this disconnected power to the mirror motors and solved my problem. I prefer it this way because its an extra that I don't really need.. This has no effect on the heating element which warms the mirrors when the rear window heating element is turned on.
  7. Just bought a 2nd hand 2006 Ford Fiesta MK6 and both wing mirrors make a loud clicking noise when they are being retracted, anyone found a cheap fix for this ? Thanks
  8. Welcome to the Ford forums gm3suzz :)