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  1. 2005 Fiesta Style

    Could anyone offer help in tracing wires to towbar please. Help with colours of wires much appreciated.
  2. 2005 Ford Fiesta Style Diesel. Clear wiring diagram much appreciated.
  3. Replacement Keys

    2005 Fiesta 1.4TD Style. I was given only one key which is chipped, when I bought the Fiesta. There is no number attached. I would be most grateful if anyone could tell me the best way to get another key either chipped or not.
  4. Fuses

    2005 Fiesta 1.4 T Diesel Style. I wish to use the cigar lighter socket to charge my mobile phone. Sadly there is no life in it. When I attempted to put a 10A fuse in the marked fuse slot I find there is nothing at the rear to hold the fuse in position. Did this model Fiesta ever have a functioning cigar lighter. All suggestions very welcome.
  5. Battery

    Thank you Chas. Much appreciated. I will detach alternator connection over say 2 nights when I am not using car to check any difference in loss. Best wishes
  6. Battery

    Thank you very much for your suggestion . The alternator was checked . Battery removed from car has held its charge totallty at 1280 for 2 days. Feel there must be a discharging point somewhere. I wondered if anyone else had experienced similar on this model. Best wishes
  7. Battery

    I am experiencing loss of battery power every day when car is parked. Over 2 nights, loss so great that Fiesta Style 2005 1400 diesel will not start. I have had battery checked and also having disconnected it from car find there is no loss whatsoever over one night. I would be very greatful for any suggestions . This is my first posting so hope my request will be successsful.
  8. I have just bought a 2005 Fiesta 1.4 TDCi and have a fuel leak. The DVLA site mentions there was a recall of Fiestas at this time. Could anyone tell an ignorant woman if my car may have been one of those affected and if it is still possible to qualify for a repair please.