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  1. At a loss! Did your iPhone update between using the stick at all?
  2. That is weird. Let me have a fiddle with mine and I'll get back to you Em xx
  3. Try pressing the left arrow key with the iPhone plugged in. It should take you to playlists artists albums etc. I have a brand new zetec s and use an iPhone. Hope this helps Em xxx
  4. The Car Is Here!

    Try one at a dealer to see what it's like. They were very accommodating when I went with mine :) Em xxx
  5. The Car Is Here!

    Is it a wheel chair concern as mine goes in very easily? Em xxxx
  6. The Car Is Here!

    They are very stiff and the seat is hard to pull back. Hoping it's just because it's new. Em xxx
  7. The Car Is Here!

    Thanks for that I'll have a look :) Em xxx
  8. The Car Is Here!

    I'm sitting in it as I type! Got some tunes on just packing things away. I'm really impressed with the boot space. I don't have a spare so I stored all the cleaning bits antifreeze blankets etc under the carpet so my car is loaded up but the boot is clear. The interior detail is stunning I remember ford cars he tacky basic plastic but this car is really plush inside. I'm on cloud 8,9 and 10! Very very impressed with her. Em xxxx
  9. May Be Rejoining The Club!

    Welcome back! I look forward to seeing what you get. :) Em xxx
  10. The Car Is Here!

    I won't I promise. Rex is a good name for a car I like it Ooooh ignore I'm going to do that too :) You have all been so kind thank you Em xxxx
  11. The Car Is Here!

    I took some picture of the interior to show off the patterns. This is the dash The seats The doggie Last but not least.......... Zeckie Em xxxx
  12. The Car Is Here!

    Why not read something that interests you? Or is picking fights your way of alleviating boredom? Well I'm not bored and have a lot to do so I shall leave you with boredom.
  13. The Car Is Here!

    It's the attitude you are giving which its the problem. You have stated your opinion as you have the right to do of course. You are lingering here as non one else agrees with your opinion and I have no intention on acting on your opinion. So why keep repeating yourself? Unless you have an overwhelming need to have everyone agree with you. Again if you find this so boring why do you keep coming back to argue?
  14. The Car Is Here!

    How about you show some forum etiquette and stop trying to moderate me. It's not as if I have 4 threads on page 1 so can't really see the validity of your argument. For someone who finds this thread boring you sure do post on it a lot. If what I'm doing is so wrong why have I not been contacted by a moderator about it? Stop policing the forum it's clearly not your job.
  15. The Car Is Here!

    Like I said if you find them boring, dont read them. There is no need or the tone you have taken and yes what you are doing is a form of bullying. I suggest you grow up and show respect for others.