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  1. Mk2 Headlights Flashing

    Thanks. Got it sorted now. That battery was nackered. Got a new one
  2. Mk2 Headlights Flashing

    When I started my car this morning it seemed slow when turning over like the battery was dieing but then I noticed my headlights were flickering. Once the engine was started they were off. Anyone any ideas????
  3. Focus Mk2 Rear Drum Removal

    i need to get inside the rear brakes to fix them but i have no idea how to, there seems to be no centre hub screw or no cap covering it so i dont know what to do?????? can anyone please help my car is a 2006 zetec 1.6 petrol
  4. Mondeo Tow Bar

    will a tow bar off a 55 reg mondeo fit a 06 reg focus?
  5. Dash Board

    yeah didnt make it very clear, i just want to swap the clocks for the same mk2 ones as mine are faulty.
  6. Dash Board

    my question is, if i was to replace the dash board in my mk2 focus, would it be a straight swap or is there some technical electrical stuff i should know??
  7. dont suppose anyone has one of these spare. all the breakers round here have none
  8. Focus Mk2 Milage

    what size tank do they have in litres?
  9. Focus Mk2 Milage

    mine is now saying 421 miles when its full. so do you think this is about right?????
  10. Focus Mk2 Milage

    Just out of curiosity, to all you mk2 1.6 zetec drivers. when you fill your tank with petrol, how many miles does your dash board display say you have???
  11. Mk 2 Dash Board Milage Help

    yeah thats all it normally goes up to. but now its gone up to 450 +
  12. Mk 2 Dash Board Milage Help

    when you flick threw the dash board display thingy. it normally tells you how many miles you have left in your tank, normally when mines full it goes to around about 350 give or take well today when i started the car, the dash was slow at starting up and when it did my fuel gauge started playing up saying i had more in than i did and my dash board thing said i had 420 miles left. ive tried disconecting the battery but it stayed the same so i went and filled my tank to see if that would help but now although my fuel gauge says full apparently i have 500 miles in my tank. can anyone help me please???????
  13. Focus Mk 2 Alarm Keeps Going Off

    i put the original head unit back in and it cleared all the faults so ive decided to keep it like that lol
  14. Focus Mk 2 Alarm Keeps Going Off

    thanks everyone, tried all these ideas but alarm is still going off when radio is in. also i have noticed that the dash board display with the miles on never goes off now, even when the front of the radio is removed??
  15. Focus Mk 2 Alarm Keeps Going Off

    #i have no idea sorry