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  1. Happy Birthday ELVEY!

  2. Walk Home Feature On Galaxy

    Back to report my findings. It works but I was thinking that once this was set the first time it would operate all time, but each time you want this feature to work you have to pull the indicator to turn it on. Thanks for helping me sort this out.
  3. Walk Home Feature On Galaxy

    Thanks for your speedy reply I have keyless entry on the car so I assume if I just turn the engine off via the Power Start button pull the indicator towards me then get out and lock the car it may work? It is a Titanium X Galaxy 2012 so would hope it does have this feature. I do know that the side lights come on when I unlock it so may only have the unlock feature. I will try and report back on my findings.
  4. I know it sounds like the car is broken down and it is some feature that helps you walk home,but, apparently you can set the headlights to stay on for a period of time so that your path is illuminated by the headlights. Have looked through the handbook and I don't appear to be able to find the info I need. Any suggestions. (the flood gates are now open me thinks)
  5. Hello folks Just thought I would post to let you know how I am settling in with my new ride. I have been very pleased with the car so far, great kick from the engine, my first diesel ever and it is mated to the PowerShift box too the revs are so much lower compared to my previous car, Toyota Previa 2.4 auto. I have had some warranty work carried out on the drivers seat base which has been replaced due to a rip in the leather from "hand over day". The dealer wanted me to keep an eye on it and wait till it gtot worse before replacing it, but I wasn't happy with that suggestion. I have fitted LED bulbs to the number plate and side lights which blend in well with the Zennons. I also have some 17 inch wheels off my old car which I am deciding whether to replace Fords 17 inch alloys or not. Decisions, decisions
  6. Welcome to the Ford forums ELVEY :)

    1. ELVEY


      Thanks for that. Looking forward to being a Ford Cars member and reading many helpful and informative posts, I have already found useful information on DRLs.