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  1. Hi, I know this seems to be a known problem but I can't afford a New Pump,Fuel Pressure switch,cam sensor,crank sensor,injectors,fuel rail...the list goes on. I have just bought a connect on an 05 plate with 86k Private sold as seen I'm afraid and it drove fine on the test. Anyway it has got or developed a fault in that when it's warming up i get a couple of flashing glowplug warnings then it stalls or stays in limp mode until i restart the engine. Once its warm i can get it up to 90 easy,full turbo and no problems, but If I am in a too high gear,ie I labour the engine it flashes again and then stalls falsing me to pull over or restart whilst coasting,then all is good It's quite scary belting along and you lose power steering,lights etc. It looks like it's had a new fuel filter so clearly the previous owner had problems because that would be my first avenue to check The fact that I can get 90mph and 4000+ rpm, turbo boosting fine,would indicate to me that the fuel pump is fine?? Looks like the fuel pressure sensor is a common fault? should I change that first and is it a diy job? 2 faults were logged pertaining to fuel pressure switch and pump,haven't got th enumbers tho Many Thanks
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