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  1. 2004 Fiesta 1.4 TDCi (Mk 6)

    Hi, We have a 2004 (04) Fiesta 1.4 TDCi (Ghia, if that makes a difference) and we appear to have some sort of leak from the engine. There is an oily residue (not sure if it's oil or diesel) collecting on the bulkhead behind the engine on the driver's side, just by the pipe which I've been informed is the EGR for the turbo. There are also some small rubber pipes leading into one just next to this pipe. There is a whistling sound when the throttle is pushed more than halfway down and the fuel consumption seems to be particularly high. A work colleague had a short drive today and told me the engine is very down on power, compared to the Fiesta diesels we had on the work fleet a couple of years back. I'm thinking there might be a pinhole in a fuel-related pipe or hose somewhere, although it's entirely possible I'm talking rubbish! Any suggestions would be gratefully appreciated, as Ford require £75 plus VAT before they'll tell me what's wrong. Rich
  2. Fiesta TDCi starting problem

    Hi, I've joined this forum in the hope that someone will know what's wrong with our poor little Fiesta! We have two problems. Firstly, we sometimes have trouble starting the car. You turn the key halfway, let the amber lights go out, turn the key again to start the car and... nothing. The engine doesn't even turn over. This will happen three or four times before the car will then start as if nothing was amiss. The problem seems to be intermittent, sometimes not reocurring for a couple of weeks. There doesn't seem to be any pattern of whether the engine is hot or cold, whether we're starting the car in the morning or restarting it after a long journey, or whether the weather is hot, cold, wet or dry. Our second 'problem' started the other day. When the engine is running, there is a loud 'ticking' noise. This is both at idle and when the engine is revved and doesn't go away when the engine has warmed. I first suspected the exhaust manifold gasket, but the noise actually seems to be coming from the cylinder head. There doesn't seem to be any effect on the way the car drives, either in terms of power or economy. Any ideas, and should I be worried?