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  1. Buying A W Reg Fiesta Need Some Advice What To Check

    Thanks for this, I have recently found out that the garage selling it has had one sill filled and painted aswell as the rear arch on the same side. Then they said they will wax oil it underneath for me if i wanted it. The car is from a independant garage should i be concerned that they want to wax oil it? the car is priced at £1,400 and its a Fiesta Finnesse 1.3 W Reg. Thanks again for the help.
  2. Hi, I am going to buy a 2000 w reg fiesta finnese it has the 1.3 push rod engine and have heard various things about this engine some say its not as powerful as the zetec but yet more reliable. The car has 2 owners and has only done 52,000 miles but I would like to know if this fiesta suffers from the front wish bone lower arms needing regular replacement. There is only slight rust bubbles on the sills wheel arches seem fine, will these rust bubbles on the sills make the car rotten in a few months (just saying this as fords are well known for rot and rust) Thanks for any advice on this.
  3. I was looking at a focus td di on a 1999 plate with 100,000 miles on it but when we went to view although the engine and gearbox are great the body work isnt, it has rust starting to form on the bottom of all 4 doors and also the bottom of the boot, The wheel arches are starting to also bubble but we like the car but worried about this rust. Ok they say the diesel engine will go forever but dont want to buy it if the body is going to crumble in a year or so. Just looking for some pointers on this. The other car is a 2001 fiesta 1.3 basic push rod engine but the bodywork is mint even the sills (not one bit of rust) it also has full ford service history with all receipts and has done 51,000 miles with the current owner having the car for 5 years. The only thing that is bothering me is the fiesta has nothing (no central locking, electric windows or air con etc) but has full history with good body work. What should i go for as they are both the same price but i would like the focus but its the bodywork (rust on its doors and arches) that are getting to me as i dont want to be forking out on repairs not long after i have had it so to speak but then the fiesta seems very basic. which one would I be best going for? any help with this would be great, thanks.
  4. Hello

    I have just registered after having lots of different cars over the years have decided to go back with ford and buy a 2001 focus. The reason i went back to ford was that when looking back i have had 4 fords and everyone has been mechanically reliable compared to the other brands of cars i have had. Im sure if i get any problems i will have the support of this great forum Thanks. Justin.
  5. Hi Everyone, I am new to the forum and decided to buy a y reg 2001 focus and it was a great deal but there seems to be rust forming on both front doors where the mirror housing meets the bodywork of each door. I have been told that the focus has a bodywork warranty of 12 years and the car is a 2001 model so was a bit disapointed when i first saw this on each door. Everything else is perfect, but my question is will ford repair this under the conditions of their 12 year anti corrosion warranty. It looks like it is a manufacturing fault as water has been getting in under each front mirror and then causing the corosion. Thanks in advance for the help and advice you can give me on this. Justin.