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  1. 6000 Cd Audio On S-Max

    Hi, do you have the stalk with voice control & buttons for answering & declining phone calls?, if you haven't, then you won't have a Bluetooth module
  2. Clips To Hold Rear Seat Backs In Place

    Hi Smiler I think they have discontinued the clip system and have now replaced them with the magnet one :-( I replaced all of mine on my Galaxy Mk3 when I needed a replacement clip Alternatively, you might have to find a breaker Thanks Ian
  3. Bonnet Wont Close

    Could it be that the locking mechanism is in the locked position and just needs releasing with the bonnet latch in the car?
  4. Bonnet Wont Close

    Hi Ben I don't know if this will help, but I had the same problem with my Galaxy Mk3 Everything seemed to work ok (spring loaded locking mechanism - tested with a screwdriver , released ok with the bonnet latch) but the bonnet just couldn't push the first part of the mechanism out of the way to get to the locking mechanism So, being careful not to trap my fingers I just moved the yellow catch slightly while closing the bonnet and voila, bonnet closed ok Hope this helps Ian
  5. Welcome to the Ford forums rhoderunner :)