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  1. Lovely Drive

    I will improve my mpg soon just having to much fun at the moment :)
  2. Lovely Drive

    Hey there Went for out for the day on Saturday to Barmouth Wales from Birmingham and wow the roads in the snowdonia national park are great up and downs left and rights with some great views would recommend it anyone who enjoys a lovely but a thrilling ride. Did 240 miles round trip and didn't even use half a tank quiet pleased as I wasn't driving very eco at all , was pushing the car and over taking when possible. Very pleased with my fiesta :) Thanks
  3. Mk6.5 Clock In Dash?

    Yh I see it all just under the radio station and to the left of the temperature seems a nice place for a clock. Im just being picky only gotta turn my eyes to the left :) Thanks
  4. Mk6.5 Clock In Dash?

    Cheers mate Just didn't know if I could change a setting somewhere the gap seems a bit pointless in my opinion Thanks
  5. Mk6.5 Clock In Dash?

    Hi Should the dash display the dash seems like there is a space next to the temperature under the station. Thanks
  6. Induction Mk6.5

    Hey just a question should I go all the way and get a full induction for my mk6.5 1.6 zetecs Tdci or shall I just get a k&n panel filter ? Thanks
  7. Mk6.5 Aux Issue

    ok thanks for the quick reply dont think it is to do with the turbo because it happens when the engine is not running but still change gears. thanks sean
  8. Mk6.5 Aux Issue

    Hi, when i have the music playing through the aux its fine but when changing gear mainly into first it cuts out certain speakers, any ideas on a quick fix? i gather a lose wire. Thanks Sean
  9. Welcome to the Ford forums sean421992 :)