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  1. Evening I have a Mondeo 2002 02 plate 130 Zetec TDCi Diesel. Have noticed that i have an engine noise that is noticable after the car starts and the revs drop to idle and also when you push the clutch pedal only a little you get a squeak/whistle and the further u press the louder the noise becomes. The car drives fine and gear changing is smooth. Thanks
  2. Afternoon people. Just bought a 2002 Mondeo Zetec 130. Looked at the car fuel light was on and needle was very low, when i picked the car up they had put some diesl in and the light had gone off but needle was still down, filled up tank to the rim but light stayed on and needle was still down, spoke to a dealer and they said maybe it'll take time for the sensor to kick in and reset. After 3-4 miles light went off and needle raised a little. This morning the light went out normal and the needle has raised to inbetween 1/2 and 3/4. Could it be that the thing inside the tank has got stuck but it'll move itself? or could it be something else. Thanks
  3. Hi people, i know this isn't the right place but i need help..... I have a Fusion and have an RDS 6006 6 cd changer, i have just started to have trouble with it, as in i was listening to a cd b4 i stop and i was listening to the last track, i got to work and turned everything off, got in the car to come home and the last track played fine but when the cd finished it wouldn't go to the next cd. the last track was on cd1 and there wasn't a cd in the 2nd slot but in 3,4,5 and 6 it then comes up with ERR 3 message and won't let me eject or select another cd. I did get the 1st cd out after trying like 20 times and like an idiot i put it back in and now it won't do anything. i took the fuse out and all thats done is say there are no discs in there at all and won't let me load or anything, press eject button and it says no cds in the there... PLEASE HELP......
  4. RDS 6006 problem err 3

    hi people i have a ford fusion with a 6006 6 disc mult cd player, im having a message come up saying cd err 3, i can't eject or load and it won't play anything... Has anyone got any suggestions, i would be really greatful....