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  1. Thank you very kind of you to help
  2. I have a faulty seatbelt in a 2010 Focus that won't allow you to buckle up. There is nothing wrong with the belt, the fault is with the stalk/anchor (button bit) How to I go about replacing this? Do I need to replace the belt as well? I bought a second hand anchor from a breakers yard which comes with a belt attached to it. So do I have to fit the belt as well. Has anyone got a link or some information as to how I go about this. I thought you just had to replace the anchor but now I'm not sure Many Thanks
  3. Majic

    Seat-Belt Problem Focus

    I've got a problem with one of my rear seat-belts. I have to press the orange button at the same time as pushjing my seat belt into the socket else it won't work. There is nothing wrong with the belt itself just the socket bit. I've tried WD40 but to no avail. What is the best way around this? Do I need a new socket part and is this easy to sort out? My car is a 2010 Focus Zetec. Many Thanks
  4. Thanks, both dealerships I have spoken to have quoted me for the latch as well and told me any parts ordered are non-returnable. I'm quite confused as to what to do. Leave everyting to the dealership or buy a lock and grill aand see if a smaller garage can do the job?
  5. Does the lock git for sale on ebay contain all the parts I need as Ford are quoting me for the lock and the latch. I've just spoken to another Ford garage who tell me they would try and get the bonnet open before breaking the grill. They said in their experience in all the cases they've dealt with the lock would need replacing
  6. Thanks for your reply guys I have contacted someone on ebay to see if their kit is for my model. I'll see if I can turn the white plastic piece and no one at my ford dealership said anything about removing the bumper they just said breaking the grill was the only option
  7. I have a 2010 Ford Focus (mark 3 ). Yesterday my car went in for a service and the garage were unable to open the bonnet. After a couple of hours of trying with a screwdriver after reading a guide on here we gave up and took the car to our local Ford dealer. They quoted me the following: New Grey grill (as you would have to break the old one) £35 New lock £41 New Latch £60 New Clip £3 Build Lock £29 Labour at £96 per hour (!!) VAT We're talking over £300. Is there another way around this. Could a non-Ford dealer repair this at a cheaper price or would they not be able to get the parts. Also would there be a problem with the lock as I don't want to pay for new keys. Any help greatly received. When trying to open with a screwdriver we pushed at the white plastic piece under the bonnet but this did not budge at all.
  8. Majic

    Warranty Confusion/repair Advise

    Thanks for your help, looks like 3 and 15 are the fuses to check and I'll try swapping the bulbs.
  9. I bought a 2010 focus last month that still had 6 months remaining of it's 3 year warranty. After driving the car I noticed the following issues: 1) None of the 2x12v Sockets in the car work. 2) The light in the boot compartment doesn't work 3) There is a whistling sound present down the driver's side when reaching speeds of 40 mph+ I rang my local dealer and booked the car in as I explained it was still under warranty. It was only when I turned up that they said none of the above would be covered and I would have to pay. I left at this point. Assuming they are correct, how can I repair 1) and 2) (I assume 3 will be more difficult) Is it a fuse/bulb issue? I have no handbook in the car so wouldn't know which fuse to change. My car is a 2010 Focus Zetec 1.6 (Petrol). Many Thanks
  10. I own a 2007 Focus Sport. I'm getting conflicting advice and wonder if anyone can help on this. I need to get a replacement rear bumper for my Focus Sport. My local bodyshop will respray. My dealer tells me there are different types of bumper i.e. the Zetec etc but someone else told me I just need a 2007 mk 2 bumper.(model doesn't matter) Who is right?
  11. Majic

    Rear Bumper Issues

    Thanks for the repky Big Daddy. So do you reckon I'd be better off buying a sea grey bumper and fiiting it myself or getting the bodyshop to respray any bumper? I'm still not sure what to do? Option 1) Buy any second hand Ford Focus bumper,get Body Shop to paint and fit, approximate cost is £210 (£60 for Bumper £150 for Bodyshop) Option 2) Buy second hand Sea Grey Ford Focus bumper and fit it myself, approximate cost is £60 What it boils down to is would a second hand Sea Grey bumper look right on my car or will it stand out and I should instead use the Bodyman's skills to match up the colours?
  12. I own a Ford Focus Sport 1.6l. Unfortunately the rear bumper met with a bollard and has caused some damage. I took it to the local bodyman and he told me it was repairable but with the time taken to do this it would be cheaper to buy a second hand one off ebay and for him to spray it and attatch it. He told me this would cost £150 for the work plus I would need to buy a bumper. I said I was looking on ebay for my colour (Sea Grey) but he said it would not matter what colour it was as he would spray it Sea Grey. He said there were 6 variations of the Sea Grey colour. I'd welcome any comments about this as originally I was just going to buy a Sea Grey bumper off ebay as this would be a lot cheaper but this does not seem now to be a good idea especially as there are 6 colours. Is it easy to remove and replace a bumper-could I do this myself? Would any Focus model do or does it have to be the Sport-mine his 07 reg. Thanks
  13. Hi folks Can you help me on this one.. I own a 2007 Ford Focus 1.6l Sport (grey) I need a new rear bumper and my local Ford dealership is quoting me £300. I'm looking at getting one from a breakers yard or ebay. Can anyone tell me: Was it just the Sport that was in grey? or if not would a standard focus bumper in grey be ok? I'll probably be buying without inspecting so I need as much information as possible. Many Thanls Jonathan