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  1. Happy Birthday plumbob!

  2. Knock Back Left Corner

    Is there anyway to check what part it is?
  3. I have a knock coming from the rear of the car on the passenger side, its more obvious when going over a bump and i have noticed that the tyre is worn more on the outside edge than the inner. I have taken a look and it doesn't look like anything is broken so i think it might be one of the linkages or bushes. Whats the best place to start?
  4. Car Wobbling/shaking

    Get your bushes checked first ;)
  5. Changing Engines

    Valve stem seals are an age old problem with fords, it will be smokey and obviously use oil if these are gone.
  6. Car Acceleration Problem

    maybe a vacuum leak?
  7. Rough Idle On A 2004 2.0 Tdci

    Any updates dave?
  8. High Revving Problem

    If its a pertrol it may well be the crankcase breather hose under the inlet manifold.
  9. Could quite easily be a faulty injector or injectors, mine does the same and when i had a leak off test done it failed.
  10. Rough Idle On A 2004 2.0 Tdci

    Yes it is difficult i will admit that, i didn't check it 100% i just read as far up as i could then i checked the codes on top of the engine for a part match. When i setup my super f today the codes were exactly the same as the ones i had wrote down so i am happy to use them, although i did have the same thing happen to me in regards to the car cutting out shortly after reading the codes which is an odd one. One big difference between our two vehicles though dave is that mine has a much higher fuel pressure reading at idle and 2000 rpm, at 2000rpm i am pretty sure that mine was over 600 bar whilst at idle it was around 300-400 bar.
  11. Rough Idle On A 2004 2.0 Tdci

    Well i would say it would be unwise to dimiss an injector issue as not being the fault, i for one have had my injectors tested and it did fail the leak of test but bad injectors dont always fail a leak off test. While speaking to someone at work i was horrified to find out that since owning the car from new (03 reg) the guy has had "TWO" sets of injectors and the car has only covered 128,000 miles. It is a very known issue with the mondeos which is why i wasn't surprised to the car park at the diesel specialist full of them. I really think it would be worth using your super f and recoding the injectors, if it works then you have found your fault and as you already own one its a shame to not try it as its free! My plan is to do that and with any luck it will solve the idle as thats the only issue with mine and then i shall be rid of the car as soon as possible.
  12. Rough Idle On A 2004 2.0 Tdci

    I think the joke was wasted on you clive, no surprise i have yet to meet a busy that has a sense of humour. As we are all adults here i would like to think that we are aware of what we are doing in regards to right or wrong, i am merely throwing ideas at dave because it will of course be his decision on what he ends up doing so lets leave it at that.
  13. Rough Idle On A 2004 2.0 Tdci

    Well that sounds very PC there clive. I would consider ford manufacturing a faulty car to be fraud but no one from the authorities or government care about that. The car has numerous recalls and fault warnings and as dave is proving they can be very costly to repair even before you have found the fault.
  14. Rough Idle On A 2004 2.0 Tdci

    Just as an idea dave would it not be worth getting a 2nd hand warranty on the car? i don't know how these things work but if you could get it then leave it a few weeks and then claim on it then it might save you a bit of money.
  15. Rough Idle On A 2004 2.0 Tdci

    Why can't you read them, if you just use a small mirror and get your wife to write them down as you read them off you could try and recode them. I know you have had a leak off test that came back ok but as far as iam aware it will tell you that your injectors are dirty but not if they are worn?