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  1. Coolant leak problem

    It was called 'BARS' Leak seal
  2. Front shocks ?

    i'm gonna do the rear shocks 2morow did'nt know if you had to torque them up or not I would rather put new pinch bolts in rather than use the old ones (if i can get them out that is)
  3. what is it called?

    Its a vacum pipe all to do with the abs i had the same problem few years back i think its a ford only part easy enough to fit though
  4. Front shocks ?

    Any1 know the size and where to get 2 new pinch bolts? also the torque settings for the rear shock bolts
  5. clutch issue

    put the h/brake on put it in 2nd gear put ur heel on footbrake and ur toe on gas and let the clutch up slowly whilst slightly pressing accelerator if u can u take ur foot off the clutch and it still runs ur clutch is knackered make sure ur not facing a wall and there's nothing in front of you
  6. clutch issue

    also get the dmf changed as well
  7. Front shocks ?

    Cheers for the info m8
  8. Front shocks ?

    I've got compressers and if i have to i'l cut the bolt out, but other than that are they easy to do? i changed the front legs on my '1967 1.6 ford Cortina mk2 column change' many many moons ago dunno if it will be basically the same
  9. Front shocks ?

    I'm toying with the idea of changing my front shocks but i don't know weather to do it myself or let my local garage do it so my question is how hard is it to do and do i need any special tools
  10. Loss of power/acceleration low range

    helps to clean the fuel system
  11. Loss of power/acceleration low range

    get the fuel filter changed see if that makes a difference, i would also put some additives in the tank, i use 'forte'
  12. It wont do any harm just filling up every now and again with a super diesel, i find it runs a bit smoother, changes gear smoother and it pulls away a bit better, as for more mpg and performance i suppose it depends on how you drive really, but i don't see a lot if any to be quite honest
  13. nordic springs

    In a couple of months i'm going to do my shocks and springs all round has any1 heard of 'Nordic' springs and if so are they any good?
  14. Ford focus washer problem

    It could be the button on the end of the stalk use some polish on the end of the stalk where the button slides in and give it a good clean, worked with mine i had to push real hard to get it to work after i polished it it works like new, its worth a go
  15. Aftermarket MK1 Head Unit

    Good luck with that if you wanna let them loose on your car imho