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  1. Welcome to the forum, enjoy your new car.
  2. Sorry should have also said 125.
  3. I have disc all around on my 2019 build st line first edition.
  4. Good morning Rod , regarding your enquiry trents.co.uk are listing 2 x ecosport wheels for sale at the moment. Regards Chris.
  5. It applied Intact. The letters are along the strip and are not individual.
  6. Forgot to say my was the square sticker the original ones when I joined the forum, the new long type I received on renewal of membership, I have used externally on the rear window with no problems.
  7. I have used mine in the front windscreen on the inside, peel of backing moisten and press to window, they easily peel off and reuse, I have moved them from 2 previous cars and re used them with no problems.
  8. Happy New Year to you all !
  9. So which short ***** is Snow White going to ditch? Grumpy will moan, Dopey won’t care, Happy will be sad, Bashful too shy to argue, Sleepy wont mind where he rests his head, Doc could be useful, it’s got to be Sneezy that has to go, he’s dangerous.
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