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  1. Lack Of Power..help!!

    Following on from the above I've still experienced a lack of power at times even after getting the fuel filter changed. Also recently having trouble starting the car even with a full tank in it. Any ideas as to what the lack of power and trouble starting could be? Would they be connected? Problem with the power seems to be when cold and when going about under 30.
  2. Lack Of Power..help!!

    Cheers for all the help guys definitely going to get the fuel filter changed and see if that helps the problem
  3. Lack Of Power..help!!

    A couple of months ago my Focus decided not to start after work. I called out the AA and he did some tests on the car and came to the conclusion that it was a problem with the fuel pump not sucking through the petrol as it had got low. He managed to get it started and I eventually got it home. Went to take it to the garage the next day and it started perfectly fine but I decided to take it to the garage so they could have a look at it. As it had started and wasnt problamatic they said they couldnt be sure it was the fuel pump and didnt want to waste my money if that wasnt the problem. Anyway I filled the car up on Sunday night and again Friday after work (when the petrol had got down to the same level) it wouldnt start again. I went and put some petrol in a petrol can put it in the car and it started perfectly. I kept running it as it was and even ran the petrol down to see if it would do it again but it didnt, it started fine everytime. Until yesterday morning when it really struggled to start. Once I got it started when I was driving it was very juddery (not sure thats a real word!) and lacking in power especially when in the lower gears. Any ideas what the problem could be and where to start to get this resolved? It sounds to me like there could be a blockage somewehre stopping the fuel getting through? Any help would be appreciated.
  4. Idle Speed Problems

    What about the movement when cold? Seems to settle when the car is warm.
  5. Idle Speed Problems

    Cheers are they expensive to replace?
  6. Idle Speed Problems

    Hi guys I am new to this so hopefully posted in the right place. I have a 2002 Focus and recently the idle has been playing up. When I start it from cold the idle pulses for a little while until I get going and seems to settle down. Also when cold seems to idle at about 1200 but settles when engine has warmed up. Any suggestions on what could be wrong and how to solve? Cheers.
  7. Welcome to the Ford forums domc :)