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  1. Liongolfer

    Entertainment System

    Unless you have the voice control then all the buttons will do is mute the radio.
  2. Liongolfer

    clear liquid leak under engine

    You had your air-con on? If so likely to be that.
  3. Liongolfer

    A few problems with my 08 focus

    Cheers mate, will get in touch with the garage.
  4. Right, I've had my 08 Focus Style since just before Christmas and I bought it as a pre registered car so it only had about 20 miles on the clock, so car is still under warrenty. 1) I seem to be getting a knocking noise when on full lock (going forward) and occasionally when reversing (someone actually thought I had hit something when I was well clear of everything around me, which was what drew my attention to it) It has only started when I was almost forced off road down a little country lane and having to do an emergency stop, after that when I was breaking the car seemed to pull to the right, however the next time I used the car everything seemed fine, checked tyre pressures etc... and although the front off was a little over inflated (36 psi instead of 34) and the rest where a little under inflated (31 instead of 34) everything else seems ok 2) Since changing the clocks the other week the clock keeps displaying the wrong time and or date, noticed this yesterday so reset, left for about an hour and went back and the time was wrong again 3) When car is double locked and I just open the boot (via the button on the remote), when I shut it again the boot remains open, is this right as I'm sure it used to re-lock again? Any help would be appreciated and other than them little problems I love the car and even getting used to the stupid wing mirrors (just wish I had power fold )
  5. Liongolfer

    Moderators please read

    Another one here
  6. Titanium, IMO for the extra money you get a lot more. Additional equipment on the titanium are. Lower front grill - Chrome Surround Multi spoke Alloys (as opposed to 5 spokes on the Zetec) Auto Headlights, Wipers, variable dimming of radio and instrument cluster and auto dimming rear view mirror Floor mate - Front, carpet Leather Gear knob with silver insert and aluminum finish ring Sony CD Audio system with 8 premium speakers, MP3 compatiable Courtesy light - footwell area, front and rear reading lights Electric front and rear with one touch lowering/closing on driver's side and global closing Rear seat folding centre armrest with two integrated cup holders Thatcham CAT 1 approved perimeter and volume sensing alarm (includes home safe delay headlights)
  7. Liongolfer

    Fuel Cap

    Tis correct and I also quired it on my Focus and was told the same.
  8. Liongolfer

    Hot Magenta owners

    Vision Blue is well nice, then again I'm biased (see my avatar :P )
  9. Liongolfer

    Hot Magenta owners

    Sorry but if your getting the Mito then it's got to be Alfa Red, IMO that's the only colour Alfa should do :P As for Squeeze Green on the Fiesta, when I was getting my Foucs (and alright the dealer was trying to persuade me from going for anIbiza in there version of Squeeze) he told me that a green car is one of the hardest to sell...he was equally unhappy when he had to do my Part Ex which was a 106 in you guessed it green No seriously all dealers I have spoken too have said never get a green car, unless it's British Racing Green.
  10. Liongolfer

    New Fiesta Climate Controls

    In my Mum's Nissan Note when you set the climate control it directs the air flow to where you need it, therefore if your screen needs demisting it will direct it there (well that's what it seems like anyway) On my Focus (which doesn't have climate control) if you set the blower to the window and hot it automatically puts the air con anyway.
  11. Liongolfer

    Mk2.5 Focus 1.8 TDCi Diesel - problems problems...

    So you didn't like the Focus then :D
  12. Liongolfer

    20mpg on 1.6 focus zetec!

    Make sure if you follow the brim to brim advice you only fill it until the pump clicks off, don't try to squeeze a little bit more in as this will just be lost down the breather pipe as the fuel expands when it get's hot.
  13. Liongolfer


    When I went for test drives, I test drove a diesel instead of the one I eventually got (was persuaded by the salesman I wouldn't get any benifit of a diesel, I wasn't complaining as it saved me £2k ) and was getting judder in 4th gear, basically he told me I was changing up too early and you need change gear later in a diesel, so pribably only why your judder occures in 4th gear at low revs.
  14. Liongolfer

    Seating Position

    I'm about the same height and have no problems changing gear in my Focus, have you tried lowering the seat (with the the push handle) when your close enough to reach the pedal correctly? On some of the newer Focus' the pedals also move.
  15. Liongolfer

    Hello and AC on at engine start!!!!

    No problem, I wondered the same thing when I first got mine :)