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  1. Happy Birthday metal-liam!

  2. So Where's The Fiesta St Threads?

    Yeah cuts out all the speculation, better off having pure facts than fiction
  3. So Where's The Fiesta St Threads?

    Any body want the full spec list?
  4. I haven't seen any on here, are people not interested in it? I just find it interesting. Liam :-)
  5. Serious Paranoia With My Fiesta Metal

    Sorry 2012-metal but your post annoyed me im a metal owner my self & i love it, no disrespect but a metal in my opinion is sporty and is meant to sound like it does ,for example it's got a fancy exhaust, and will make a raw when you accelerate! Why buy a car like the metal if you don't want to use the speed it's got or hear the exhaust/engine you may as well got a Nissan micro, to be honest the metal does need to be driven hard to get the best out of it, (safely of course) have a bit of excitement in it, don't be boring. Metal Liam
  6. When's The New Fiesta St Coming Out?

    I hope it won't be to high, I'll be 21 by then so I should get off quite nicely
  7. When's The New Fiesta St Coming Out?

    That's ages :(
  8. As I want to order one, they look so nice. Thanks Liam
  9. Fiesta Metal !!

    When the car got ordered they chose to have silver alloys rather than the black alloys, the black alloys as you know come standard, Liam
  10. Fiesta Metal !!

    Hii heather, im a metal owner, and the silver alloys are a factory fitted option, and the mats that come with the car do NOT have fiesta written on them. Hope this helps Liam
  11. Fiesta Brakes

    Mine do the same thing, mine were also very spongy, get them sorted mate. Liam
  12. Fiesta Metal Motorway Driving

    I have a metal, and I think it handles terribly on the motorway, I don't like electric power steering (in my opinion) and I think it's noisy once you hit 70 (engine) and road noise can over power the radio, acceleration to get to 70 fine, but say you slow down and get to 50/60mph you will need to go into 4th because its very sluggish. Hope I haven't put you off. Liam
  13. I Think I Have A Problem.

    Yeah hopefully I'll have a trouble free spell, but is anyone else having thoughts about there brakes in a new fiesta ? I.e. spongey and shouldn't feel like they should for a new car ?
  14. I Think I Have A Problem.

    Update. Took my metal into the dealer today and got a person from service to look at it, he agreed with me that the car didn't sound right and he took it for a drive up the road. He came back and he thought it could be a blockage somewhere, probably the exhaust. He said bring it in tomorrow and they will have a Proper in depth look and it may take some time, he said they have had about 4 yes 4 fiesta metals with this problem where the car can't tolerate much revs in 1 and even 2nd so it cuts out. He also said that my brakes were very spongey which was another reason I went up there for, so they will sort that out as well. Spongey brakes and a blockage on a 12 plate car what on earth are ford up to :( Liam
  15. I Think I Have A Problem.

    I'm taking it in to my local dealer tomorrow, hopefully it won't be anything big. I was listening to the engine today and it sounds really ratterly and rough. Liam