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  1. Just to let you know after a call to Ford Customer services back in December, they picked up the case and I now have a full refund from the dealer. Full credit to Ford Customer Services, they are excellent, kept me updated, called me back when they said they would and overall I have come away impressed, impressed with Ford not the dealer as I am sure they could of done more to get this warranty case correct in the first place. If you have a query - query it with customer services it's got to be worth a try Richard.
  2. Has anyone ever seen one of these for sale, currently have an 06 plate LX and so didn't come with one when it was new, would love to fit one, so if you know where I can get one, how much and will it fit ? Thanks Richard.
  3. Air Vent Removal

    Thanks for the reply - managed to get the entire unit out in one piece but I think it's beyond repair as the metal clip that hold the fins and the fins are worn and can't get them to stay in place, so it's a trip to ford to see how much a new unit is :-( Cheers Richard.
  4. Air Vent Removal

    I have managed to break the air vent inside the car on my 06 plate focus, All the parts are ok although I need to re-assemble them back into the vent, is there anyway of removing the vent "pod" as there seems no clear way, it looks like it should just pop out. Any help you can give me would be great Thanks Richard.
  5. HI all New onto the forum although have owned the focus since new, 06 plate 1.6 tdi 115bhp version, dropped the car into Platts of Marlow on Friday as the down pipe from the turbo to the intercooler was moving and causing it to rattle. Picked the car up tonight and the garage charged me 34 pence for the bolt and £112.50 to fit it, stating the warranty did not cover the snapped bolt - so a total bill of £129.77 just what I need before Christmas. Now my concern is that ! this bolt is a part of the engine and holds on a vital part of the engine the turbo ! but I am told it's not covered - this to me seems madness, and not the service I recieve on my other car - an Audi A6 ! Any one else had problems of this sort - is it really worth me taking it up with Ford Customer service or am I wasting my time ?? Let me know as I could really do with my £129.77 back minus the 34p bolt ! Thanks Richard.