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  1. Wheel Bearing Gone At 36K ?

    I doubt i'll be tackling it myself! I was just going to order the part and get my mate to fit it for me.
  2. Wheel Bearing Gone At 36K ?

    So am I right in saying I'm looking at around £50 to £90 for a rear wheel bearing kit? I just had a look at them on ebay....
  3. Wheel Bearing Gone At 36K ?

    Ahh right I see.....oh well, will need to get it fixed in the near future!
  4. Wheel Bearing Gone At 36K ?

    Well tbh....I've not dealt with ford personally as I bought it 3 months before the warranty was up, privately. It's a great wee car - just thought the wheel bearing was a bit premature! Just put break pads on it also.....
  5. Hi there, I've already had a wee trawl through previous topics but couldn't find the info I was looking for? I've a 10plt ZetecS TDCi and it's just turned 36k on the clock. I was just curious to know.....isn't this awful early for a wheel bearing to go.....? My warranty was up 6 months ago - but do I have grounds to appeal - and get them to fix the wheel bearing? I have read it's not a standard "wear and tear" item.....and could be described as a safety feature? Not sure how much of that is true though. Anyways.....thoughts appreciated. Cheers
  6. Replacement Alloy Wheel?

    Yeah - i'm aware of that. Is there nowhere that does aftermarket replicas though? To suit the Fiesta....
  7. Replacement Alloy Wheel?

    Or even......the nice 5 spokes of the focus St.....
  8. Replacement Alloy Wheel?

    Nice wheels.....bit of a nightmare to clean though! Does anyone know where i could get my hands of the new Fiesta ST alloys....? Other than ford of course....do any companies produce replicas?
  9. Replacement Alloy Wheel?

    So......i've still yet to sort this problem out! I've been looking for alternatives.....and i just don't know what to do. I've found 1 alloy for £180 or from ford at £205! Without tyre! Crazy! So....i've been thinking about the advice from DanGers - to buy a full set and sell the 3 good alloys that i do have! I should break even. But what aftermarket alloys are best? I must say....the ones i've got now are my favourites - the 2nd best are probably on the 2012 onwards zetec S. Any suggestions.....? Thanks
  10. Replacement Alloy Wheel?

    Ohh....oops, sorry - left out that vital information. It's a 2010 mk 7 Zetec S - TDCi. Well....it's clearly happened before and somebody decided it would be a good ideal to take a welding machine to it! lol So....any suggestions where I could pick one up? I've found a few for around £145ish...
  11. Replacement Alloy Wheel?

    Evening Lads/Ladies, Just back from a long road trip.....(the Highlands of Scotland - to the lakes) Awesome week away camping - that's beside the point. On the way down, I hit a cracker of a pothole on the motorway....and now that i'm home, noticed the front drivers wheel was needing air! It gets worse....whilst topping up the air in the alloy...I notice the wheel is damaged! :( So I get it home - jack it up for a better look....and yeh....it's kapoot! But.....it gets worse! I found a small weld on the inner rim! Nightmare! So....my question to you lot is - can anyone recommend any good sites to find a replacement alloy? Preferably genuine....but....all things considered? Many Thanks From one....very disappointed Fiesta owner! :(
  12. 2010 Zetec S Tdci Range....

    HA! I was sitting staring at that for aaaages before it dawned on me what i'd done! lol If only....! 28028 - 28461 = 433 miles! My bad. Much happier with economy performance now though :)
  13. 2010 Zetec S Tdci Range....

    So.....here is my update! I'm abit happier with the performance! So.....a few wks ago i filled the car to the neck! The odometer was reading....28028miles.... Filled it again this morning.....and the odometer read 48461miles So that 433 miles (to the nearest mile) The tank took.....34.06litres. (Don't quote me on this - i did get a receipt, it's in the car and i'll confirm later. But..... 433miles @ 34.06 litres => 57.81mpg. So....obviously much better result than what my onboard computer was reading.... But again.....even though the comp said there was only 15-20 miles left in the tank - according to how much it took....there was still a gallon in there! lol
  14. 2010 Zetec S Tdci Range....

    If you could keep me posted that would be good. I've tried a different approch now..... Filled it to the neck last night and took the reading of the odometer - never mind all the other computer things. So....next time when i fill it up....i'll know how far i've driven (to the nearest mile) and exactly how many litres it took to do said miles. Fingers crossed....
  15. 2010 Zetec S Tdci Range....

    Well....i was hoping to get at least 50mpg! I've been on a mission to get good mpg results since i got it....but no joy! Maybe get it remapped and remove the DPF..... Just a though....had a guy locally recommended to me....